Why Your Attraction Ticketing Software Should be Flexible

Why Your Attraction Ticketing Software Should be Flexible

December 12, 2023

There are lots of considerations when adopting a new attraction management or online ticketing system, including the efficiency of your procedures, cost-saving measures, and more.

Perhaps the most important factor is system flexibility and the ways that it can be customised to match your needs as an attraction, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Read on to find out why your attraction ticketing and management software should be adaptable and suited to your needs!

Flexibility Should be One of Your First Considerations

When starting the procurement process, you and your team should clearly outline the key things that are important to you, whether they are individual features or general requirements. These needs should be documented clearly and presented to your potential suppliers so that they can mark whether each requirement can be fulfilled. This will help ensure that you select the right system for your needs.

Their willingness or ability to cater to your needs will demonstrate the flexibility of the programme and should help assess whether each system could be upgraded, downsized, or changed as you need it.

It is also important to recognise that your current way of working might not be the best way of working. Consider whether you are being rail-roaded by your current supplier, and that you are accepting it simply because is what you have been accustomed to for the past few years.

That’s why choosing a system with multiple options and uses is important. You can use your system to facilitate and streamline your processes and reduce admin time, enabling you to select the approach that best drives the customer experience, not your supplier.

Key Reasons to Choose a New Supplier

Choosing a supplier will typically boil down to a few key things:

  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Support Team or Account Management
  • EPoS Integrations (in-house solution or third-party solution?)
  • Reliability

However, what is most often forgotten about is the notion of “What do we want to achieve?”. Therefore, it is imperative that you seek a provider that will work with you closely to make your goals a reality.

Vennersys will work closely with you to determine whether that can be achieved using your existing functionality or through a new piece of software and service provider. We will hold clear and balanced discussions with you to find out how you currently operate and provide free product demonstrations to see how VenposCloud could help improve them.

Your System Should be Comprehensive

The modern-day visitor attraction management solution should offer far more than just EPoS and online ticketing solutions. The solution should also allow you to connect to third-party applications, such as your finance or marketing platforms, to streamline your processes and become more time efficient.

In addition to this, ask yourself another question “How do we grow our revenue?”. To do this you have to opt for a system that has multiple ways of producing income. These can be things such as:

Choose VenposCloud to Ensure Flexibility and Efficiency

Choosing a system is never easy, but to ensure you pick the right system for your needs and requirements, you need to understand both what you want to achieve now and in five years’ time.

Choosing a system with flexibility is therefore paramount as it needs to be able to adapt according to your growth and changing needs. A flexible system will help you to become more streamlined, offer a perfectly unique customer experience, improve your operations, and grow your revenue.

Speak to us today to understand how our VenposCloud solution can provide you with the flexibility to achieve your ambitions. And don’t just take it from us, we are happy to introduce you to our clients to hear it from them directly!

About the Author – Lewis Sargent, Business Development Manager – South, UK

Lewis has over 7 years’ worth of experience in business development across the hospitality/technology sector. He is a trusted salesperson within the industry, consistently putting the customers’ needs first and always delivering on his commitments to them. His expertise in the field and with interpersonal skills help him understand diversity and accessibility from the point of view of visitor attractions and customers.


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