Point of Sale (POS): Driving Improved Customer Experiences

Increase secondary sales by up to 20%

An electronic point of sale (EPOS) system is a powerful solution that connects your attraction’s back-office and floor operations to create a streamlined process within your visitor attraction.

Whether you’re selling entrance tickets, gift vouchers and gift experiences or food or merchandise, an integrated and powerful point of sale solution is essential in driving improved customer experiences.

Why is an effective EPOS solution important for visitor attractions?

By being able to manage the sale of tickets, donations, vouchers plus much more, an effective EPOS solution gives your customers a smoother service whilst substantially cutting administration time for your employees.

Your integrated EPOS attraction software will also record every transaction made in your visitor attraction, giving you access to sales data, patterns and trends. This allows you to tailor your business strategy accordingly and make predictions about future sales.

Find out more about the three key benefits of an EPOS system.

Our integrated, powerful and intuitive touchscreen solution Venpos POS puts all the features of VenposCloud at the fingertips of your operators.

Maximise profits on sales across your attraction

Our fast and effective system will allow for more transactions and services to be carried out in a shorter time span, maximising revenue on each new purchase and allowing you to take more sales to increase overall business profits.

Reduce waiting times and offer a better standard of service

When interacting with your attraction, customers can expect reduced waiting times and a better standard of service across all areas of your venue. For example, our EPOS systems hold real-time inventories so that you can perform stock searches for customers easily and effectively, providing accurate and up to date information as quickly as possible.

In other areas of your attraction such as your restaurant, speed of service remains critical to customer service. Employees can enter an order into a handheld device, which is then sent straight to the kitchen.

Centralise all sales and pull detailed reports 

The software is available to streamline and centralise your ticketing and front-of-house or shop purchases. For reliability when your network fails, the EPOS software runs as a standalone application on the hardware.

This software connects to the VenposCloud as and when the network is available in order to obtain online product and transaction updates, as well as post details of transactions processed at the EPOS, meaning all sales information remains accurate.

By tracking customer purchasing and buying behaviours, you can identify spending patterns and trends from your data. This will allow you to make informed business decisions such as how many employees to have on shift, which stock you should order more of and what events you should continue running.


With EPOS management being one of the most used parts of an attractions everyday processes, it’s essential your point of sale solutions offers complete reliability – both in being as cost-effective as it is powerful.

Over the last decade, EPOS technology has improved exponentially. Originally designed with basic functionality, electronic systems can now be tailored to focus on sales, inventory or cash management and deliver efficient solutions.

At Vennersys, we offer various choices for EPOS solutions, including both mobile devices and table-ordering offerings. Contact us to find out more.

An industry-leading provider of online ticketing and integrated point of sale solutions, we have over 30 years experience in supporting our partners in improving and increasing value at their visitor attractions. Find out exactly how we do that in our case studies.

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