Family & Entertainment Ticketing Software

From indoor play centres to bowling alleys and experience days, the family and entertainment sector is a thriving section of the visitor attraction industry since the attractions within must appeal to all ages. The VenposCloud system helps this industry flourish with pre-booking options, timed ticketing functionalities, efficient EPoS systems, and more.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Prevent the overselling of tickets or overcrowding of your venue.
  • Reduce wait times on entry and at secondary points of sale, such as your café or gift shop.
  • Easily manage all one-off and repeat events via one simple interface.
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    Helping Jack in the Box Better the Customer Experience

    Voted third-best playcentre in the UK, Jack in the Box needed to more easily control visitor numbers to avoid overcrowding at peak periods while also giving customers a faster experience when ordering from the café. Their previous system did not allow for any kind of online pre-booking and often resulted in customers queuing for upwards of an hour to get in.

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    Provide a Sleeker Experience for Your Customers

    • Provide a unique QR code on each ticket for faster authorisation and entry.

    • Limit your entry tickets to specific, transparent time slots to prevent overcrowding.

    • Reduce wait times and staffing costs by allowing your customers to order food from their table.

  • See Exactly How We Helped Jack in the Box

    • Timed ticketing to prevent overcrowding and long wait times around midday.

    • Comprehensive and customisable EPoS system for maximum staff efficiency.

    • Year-round support from our dedicated and knowledgeable support team.

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    Giving the Great British Car Journey Control over Visitor Numbers

    The Great British Car Journey, a mix between a family entertainment venue and car museum, needed a new ticketing system that could easily process each different type of entry and experience ticket they sold. They also needed to ensure a steady flow around their centre to prevent idle time within the attraction and wanted an automated reporting tool to visualise customer data.

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    Ensure Your Attraction is Always Moving

    • Sell and scan several different types of entry, event, and membership tickets.

    • Use multi-purpose EPoS systems to differentiate retail, ticketing, and other sales.

    • Utilise reporting tools to make better informed business decisions in the future.

The Features

  • Access Management

    Access management from Vennersys provides a fast and secure method of guest admittance to your visitor attraction venue.

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  • Events & Facilities Management

    Effective event ticketing software will greatly influence your attraction’s productivity and profitability.

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  • Tickets & Admission

    VenposCloud is a comprehensive e-commerce solution which allows you to sell tickets, timed tickets, merchandise and capacity limited experiences on the web, 24 x 7 x 365.

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  • Analysis & Reporting

    VenposCloud offers a comprehensive built-in suite of reports for tracking sales and site performance.

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  • Membership Management

    Effective event ticketing software will greatly influence your attraction’s productivity and profitability.

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  • Table Ordering

    Offering an online table ordering system at your venue will help you maintain the safety of your guests by reducing direct contact with your workforce, whilst reducing queues, waiting times, and saving on labour costs manning tables.

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  • Point Of Sale (POS)

    Venpos PoS for admissions, catering and retail. An integrated, powerful and intuitive touch screen PoS solution which puts all of the features of Venpos at the fingertips of your operators.

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  • CRM

    The fully integrated Online, EPOS and CRM solution facilitates detailed capture of information about visitors creating an enhanced database.

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Tailor Our Software to Suit Your Business

As your business continues to grow, you can tailor the software to match your new business needs. Our solution is constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing needs of visitor attractions across all industries, so whether you want to add new payment methods for your customers or add online bookings to your service, VenposCloud can cover all your requirements.

Interested in implementing our VenposCloud for your garden centre? Request a free demo and we’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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The VenposCloud integrated solution

Interested in implementing our VenposCloud for your farm attraction? Request a demo and we’d be more
than happy to answer any of your questions.