Membership Management Software

Membership Management Software


Quick and easy setup can prevent customers from being put off signing up for a membership, helping to drive sign-ups and returning customers whilst leading to increased profits venue wide.


What are the benefits of easy membership management?

With the right software, your attraction can simplify the process of setting up memberships, as well as managing data with centralised access.

Our VenposCloud software makes managing your memberships easy, from setting up and printing membership cards to accessing your membership data from various locations across your visitor attraction:


Easily set up, upgrade and edit memberships

With a simple set-up process in place for your memberships, your attraction will be able to quickly set up new memberships for your visitors, including printing out membership cards from the front desk.

Our membership portal also makes membership management easy, allowing you to make updates to members’ profiles, including upgrading their membership status or editing their profile information. You will also have real-time access to your membership data.

With our fast-track technology, your attraction can validate your membership cards on smartphones and tablets using our mobile Validator app, which helps to facilitate fast track entry for your members.


Automatically distribute member benefits

In the portal, you can automatically administer member benefits, such as special discounts across retail and catering products and exclusive invitations to event launches, as well as fast track entry to your venue and complimentary guest passes.

Our integration with campaign facilities such as Campaign Monitor enable your attraction to quickly distribute member only offers, as well as manage specialist marketing campaigns.


Encourage ongoing membership renewals

With our third-party integrations with direct debit solutions such as GoCardless, your attraction can easily sign-up visitors for ongoing membership renewals.

By enabling ongoing membership renewals, it can help encourage return visitors from your customers and provide monthly income to your attraction. With members frequently returning to your venue, it can also drive increased visitor spending.



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