Tourism Exchange Great Britain: Increasing Visitor Footfall

Reach new customers, drive sales, and boost your profitability

Our partnership with Tourism Exchange Great Britain (TXGB) gives our clients greater access to third-party distributors and globally recognised brands, such as TripAdvisor. This helps expand the avenues through which visitors can purchase tickets to your attraction and increases your reach.

What can TXGB do for your event or attraction?

TXGB’s focus on tourism helps your visitor attraction appeal to higher levels of both international and domestic tourists, helping you to reach new customers, drive sales, and boost your profitability.

By integrating TXGB into your business, you will open new possibilities when it comes to online booking, as visitors will be able to purchase tickets through several third-party websites.

Plus, your visitor attraction will feature in local and national tourism campaigns and connect you with over 80 different destination websites, such as Tourism South East and Welcome to Yorkshire. You will even be connected to niche distributers and several notable travel writers and bloggers.

Control all your integrations from one place

Every one of our many integrated third-party applications are controlled and maintained through a single central system, meaning every feature you choose is always up to date with one another.

This helps you stay organised and in control while also providing a more coherent customer journey both online and at your attraction. A central system also helps boost your business efficiency and reduce operational costs, as it can automate some typically complex processes.

Seamlessly share data across services data sharing

With all internal and external functions operating off our central VenposCloud system, you can easily view and manage sales and bookings across multiple distributors.

Plus, you can monitor and understand consumer behaviour through our shared data reports, which can provide key information on where and how your visitors are spending their money. This can then help inform your future business decisions and further appeal to your audience.

Increase ticket sales and visitor footfall

By connecting your attraction with several travel booking and blogging sites, you will be appealing to those looking in the local area for activity ideas. You will also be able to take third-party bookings, meaning potential visitors can easily purchase tickets without needing to visit your website independently.

Since it is now common for people to book everything for a holiday on the same site, this will help increase the number of holidaymakers coming through your doors. With staycations still maintaining their popularity too, you will be appealing to both international and domestic tourists.


Interested in finding out more about our partnership with TXGB? Consider booking a demo with one of our sales team to talk you through the system, answer your questions, and identify exactly how we could help your business!

Alternatively, see what else our platform can do. From animal adoptions to membership management, the VenposCloud system offers services for visitor attractions in all industries.

An industry-leading provider of online ticketing and integrated point of sale solutions, we have over 30 years’ experience in supporting our partners in improving and increasing value at their visitor attractions. Find out exactly how we do that in our case studies.

Venpos Cloud Ticketing

Supports third party ticketing such as Tesco Clubcards and tour operator ticketing as well as having a dedicated travel trade site where your travel trade partners can purchase and if necessary resell your tickets at pre-agreed pricing. Venpos also allows you to sell gift vouchers and gift experiences both online and at EPoS to maximise your revenue opportunities.

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