Events & Facilities Management: Key for Successful Events 

Reduce administration time by up to 50%

Effective event ticketing software will greatly influence your attraction’s productivity and profitability. Organise more events with less hassle and offer an excellent customer experience whilst increasing revenue without any of the stress.

Why are effective event & facilities ticketing systems important for your attraction?

Whether you have a one-off event or multiple events throughout the year, take full control of your events by using an integrated event management system that will increase efficiency and reduce administration time, allowing you to focus on your special event and get the best outcome from it.

Alleviating potential problems, versatile events features will allow you to view and prepare for all upcoming events in ways such as managing your employee’s rotas and will adapt to each event. Whether they are capacity limited, group bookings, or special events, you will be able to work in real-time to ensure your event is running as smoothly as possible, from start to finish.

Investing in software that is user-friendly, reliable, and available to all your employees will let you save in human resources costs, increase productivity and optimise the success and profitability of your events.

Our VenposCloud software can adapt to a variety of events such as event bookings, party bookings, corporate bookings, and even group bookings, offering a greater chance of your attraction being chosen to host special events:

Reduce time spent managing your events

Configure, edit, or delete single one-off events like theatre shows, firework displays, and exhibition launches with our VenposCloud software, which allows you to easily see every single event in the system. The database is fully searchable by multiple filters such as start date, duration, event type, description, capacity, and facility.

Managing recurring events such as tours of museums and historic houses, seasonal events and birthday parties can be demanding and time-consuming until you are equipped with a system that facilitates your work. Easily create recurring events by using templates that are fully editable to suit the event and schedule these with just a few clicks.

Never oversell tickets again

If your attraction offers the option to choose seats, our VenposCloud software allows you to avoid selling more tickets than the number of seats that you have available for your event, ensuring a smooth service for both you and your customer.

With our box office solution, you will be able to sell bookings over the phone, via your website, or in-person at EPOS, and our system will track sales, meaning you don’t have to worry about ever overselling tickets to an event.

Deliver a seamless experience for customers

Offer group bookings by having a solution that will help facilitate the process of planning the logistics and allowing you to deliver a seamless and enjoyable experience to your customers. Plan and manage group bookings for weddings, schools, coach bookings (among others), using a system with revolutionary tools that will simplify the process.

Make the processing of the bookings easier and quicker by sending out user-defined booking confirmation letters and emails, including documents that hold your terms and conditions. Utilise the system to send out invoicing templates, with the payment recorded at every stage including the deposit, interim payments, and full payment.

You can also manage itineraries and other aspects that your event might require attention for, all in one place.


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We partnered with The Great British Car Journey to support their regular events and have helped the venue become more efficient and profitable. Read more about The Great British Car Journey.

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