Gift Aid: Key to Increasing Donations 

WATCH: Find out how our Gift Aid module seamlessly integrates with the VenposCloud software to maximise revenue and ensure a fast and intuitive customer experience:

Increase gift aid by up to 90% for online transactions

Easily integrate Gift Aid donations into your daily business operations with the right visitor management solution and maximise gift aid capture across all sales avenues with a simple and effective customer journey.

Why is Gift Aid on admission tickets important for your visitor attraction?

Gift Aid is a tax relief that generates over £1.3bn in additional income for the UK charity sector every year, with a further annual £560m unclaimed. Many museums and historic houses operate as charitable trusts and unfortunately, some miss out on potential gift aid donations by not using the right visitor management solution.

Our VenposCloud software will make the integration of Gift Aid into your daily business operations easier, whilst increasing the take-up of charitable donations! This is done by simplifying and speeding up the process at the point of sale.

Integrate a Gift Aid online system into your attraction

Boost gift aid capture across all sales avenues through an easy and efficient customer journey with a system that provides a seamless experience, whether your customers are getting tickets online or through an EPOS.

Increase the capture of Gift Aid with a boost of donations

VenposCloud will streamline and speed up the process of the donation at the point of sale and online, allowing you to deliver an enjoyable experience to your customers and consequently register an increase in donations and tax relief.

Simplify reconciliation & reduce admin time

Say goodbye to manual reporting and reconciliation with the right visitor management solution. VenposCloud offers an HMRC Reporting Gift Aid Tool/System where you can effortlessly run reports to provide all the information necessary for your submission to obtain the tax relief. Processing Gift Aid has never been easier!


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We partnered with Russell Cotes Art Gallery and Museum to provide them a system that would facilitate gift donations and unify it with ticketing, retail, stock management, and reporting. Read more about Russell Cotes Art Gallery And Museum.

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