Access Management Solutions

Access Management Solutions


Improve visitor satisfaction by speeding up the admission process, reducing queues venue-wide and minimising waiting times at your attraction visitor touchpoints.

How Can Your Attraction Improve Customer Service?

Excellent customer service is key to the long-term success of your visitor attraction. Reducing visitor waiting times at your entry points, preventing overselling on your stock and streamlining ordering in your restaurants can all help to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Our VenposCloud software and its integrated features can improve customer service:

Reduce waiting times at entrance and exit points

Quick and secure access management allows your venue to replace its check-ins with an automatic check-in system, greatly minimising waiting times at entrance and exit points and reducing customer frustration. With an automatic system, your employees will have more time to focus more on greeting customers and helping them with general enquiries.

Fast track entry is also simplified – your visitors will no longer need to carry multiple tickets for their different offerings, as general entry and fast track tickets can operate as one.

Streamline ordering in your restaurants

With our POS software, you can improve the standard of service across all your attractions customer touchpoints, such as your restaurant.

Orders can be placed on a handheld device and will then be sent straight to the kitchen, removing the need for manual order processing. By speeding up your ordering process and reducing waiting times, it will help increase customer satisfaction at your restaurant.

Avoid overselling on stock

With our stock management, your attraction will also have access to real-time stock levels, so you can prevent employees from accidentally selling sold out stock in your gift shop, or from taking orders for out-of-stock foods or drinks.

Whenever stock is purchased from different points across your attraction, your stock levels will be updated automatically, meaning your physical and digital stockrooms are always synchronised. You will also be able to access these stock levels in real-time, as well as amend amounts and prices, from anywhere in your attraction.


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