Membership Management: Encourage Returning Visits  

Manage up to 2.5 million memberships

Efficient membership management is essential for any visitor attraction. With the right software, you can sell more memberships, resulting in an increase in returning customers and overall profits for your attraction.

Why is membership management important for your visitor attraction?

In being able to sell more memberships, you can encourage visitors to return to your attraction, where they’re likely to continue spending more money. This approach allows you to maximise revenue whilst the fast turn-around in creation of memberships will reduce your administration time substantially and offer your customers a better experience.

Membership management will also allow you to gather essential data on your customers, which can be used to tailor your marketing strategies.

Our VenposCloud software creates an effortless approach to membership management:

Increase membership take-ups

Signing up for a membership can be a time-consuming process and is often enough to put customers off. Our VenposCloud software however, makes signing up for a membership easier than ever, as memberships can be created, managed and renewed within a matter of minutes both in person and online. This reduced administration time encourages uptake during the admissions process at your attraction.

We can also accommodate different types of payments. With a choice of annually or monthly direct debits, your customers can opt to a choice that caters to their financial needs. As well as this, our software allows for multiple different memberships to be made.

Cut administration time in half

Not only is it easier and quicker to create and manage memberships, your customers will also be automatically emailed close to their renewal date to allow enough time for the transaction to be completed effortlessly. With automatic emails and catered incentives, your employees can focus on offering an excellent customer service rather than administration work.

Run strategic marketing campaigns

Transactions are also recorded against members, facilitating tracking and analysis of visits, spending patterns and history, providing your business with invaluable data.

This data can also help you develop more efficient, better-targeted and more cost-effective marketing campaigns. For example, you can dissect customer experiences and spending habits, targeting certain members with promotions or offers to celebrate their birthday or encourage a returning visit.

Find out more about how operators can utilise marketing strategies.


Our partner Park Hall Farm has offered a generous membership scheme for some time, but our VenposCloud membership module has enhanced this offering by allowing membership to be sold by monthly Direct Debits and distributing timed communications to members. Discover more in our case studies. Interested in finding out more about our membership management module? Request a demo and see what else our VenposCloud can do!

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