Table Ordering: Key for Increasing Food Sales

Increase food orders by 20% whilst reducing labour costs by 80%

Offering an online table ordering system at your venue will help you maintain the safety of your guests by reducing direct contact with your workforce, whilst reducing queues, waiting times, and saving on labour costs manning tables. This will increase customer satisfaction, which is also likely to increase returning customers.

Why is it important to have online table ordering at your visitor attraction?

With an online table ordering system, your guests will be able to pre-order food and drinks, order refreshments directly to their table and order food for collection, all from their mobile devices. This will significantly speed up the whole ordering process and reduce queues at your venue. Additionally, it will allow your workforce to focus on providing the best customer experience and service.

Another advantage of having an online table ordering system is the ability to drive customers to upsells, modifiers and promotional offers which can boost food orders by 20%.

With our VenposCloud software, customers will get a seamless and straightforward online experience at your venue:

Improve accuracy of orders

Improve order accuracy with an online table ordering system as customers choose what they wish to order directly. This reduces human error, avoiding mistakes or missing items whilst simultaneously ensuring your operations are always running smoothly.

At Vennersys, we offer an online ordering process that fully integrates with VenposCloud kitchen screen solutions and printers. This lets you deliver the order directly to the given table and reduce serving time, as the ordering process is simplified and accurately transmitted between the kitchen, workers, and customers.

Improve customer experience and satisfaction

Ensure that your customers are kept updated on their order status and when they should collect it. Send notifications to your customers with customisable e-mail automations with relevant collection information regarding their food collection.

The integration of Vennersys EPOS systems with the kitchen screens will make the process of delivering the order easier and faster. Manage orders with the order pausing function and waiting time facility, where you can communicate the current waiting time information to the customer and therefore, you will deliver a great service experience to your customers. In addition to table ordering – our split billing feature will benefit your customers. 

The newest features of the VenposCloud attraction management system, integrated with our secondary point-of-sale functionality, allows you to split the billing process easily and efficiently, allowing each customer to pay for their items only. This could be very useful if you have a café or gift shop on site! 

We also have an auto-numbering system for orders, which will be synced across any number of tills on site. This allows you to easily identify different orders if you offer a take-out or collection service.

You can also choose your own maximum order number before the count resets, allowing you to have full control over your order management.

Reduce administration time

Having a system that will simplify the work of handling your daily activities will reduce the effort you put into processing table orders. With the full integration of the catering module with VenposCloud EPOS systems, you can ensure that your current ordering processes are as efficient as possible. With tools such as modifiers available in one unified place, you can easily customise menu items or activate promotional offers and upselling and your administration time will be substantially reduced.


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