Garden Centre EPoS

While the VenposCloud system is a dedicated attraction management software, many of the features are directly transferable to garden centres. The unique and tailored experience provided by our system means that your garden centre can pick and choose from the services that are relevant to you, including events management , data analysis and reporting tools, and table ordering.

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The Features

  • Events & Facilities Management

    Effective event ticketing software will greatly influence your attraction’s productivity and profitability.

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  • Online Travel Agent

    Get your brand out to as many eyes as possible by partnering with tourism sites and travel agents.

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  • Table Ordering

    Reduce wait times and increase efficiency at your on-site café or restaurant by allowing your guests to order from their table.

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Improve the Management of Your Events!

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    Garden Centres and Attraction Management?

    It may seem an odd pairing, but there could be a number of benefits for your garden centre by adopting out visitor attraction management solution. VenposCloud provides more than just ticketing, meaning that you could benefit from additional brand exposure, access to seven-day support, and funding from our partners with one unified system.


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VenposCloud Is Designed and Tailored for Your Attraction

  • VenposCloud is a comprehensive visitor attraction management solution designed to help your business flourish, tailored exactly to your needs.
  • You can mix and match any of our core services to ensure that your visitor attraction management system covers every aspect of your business, from membership management to Points of Sale.
  • You can choose from more than 900 third-party integrations, such as, and Shopify, to help your attraction take control of sales, marketing, management, finance, and more!

Watch our simple breakdown of how VenposCloud works below!

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    Our System Keeps You Connected at All Times

    Vennersys are partnered with AWS, the most reliable cloud service provider on the market, to ensure that our management software and EPoS solutions are always available when you need them. That means that your garden centre will always be able to process bookings and transactions, and all your data will be synchronised to help maintain up-to-date records.


    There Are Several Benefits to Reliable Servers

Are Your Garden Centre Ticketing Systems Up to Scratch?

As a specialist provider of garden centre EPoS solutions and CRM systems, Vennersys know just how important this software is to the success of your business. If your existing system aren’t performing as you need them to, then it’s time to change. We provide a custom-made visitor management, ticketing, and EPoS system for garden centres, giving you the chance to optimise the running of your events and your customer relationship management. Find out exactly how our garden centre ticketing system can help you. Book a free demo with one of our team today!

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The VenposCloud integrated solution

Interested in implementing our VenposCloud for your farm attraction? Request a demo and we’d be more
than happy to answer any of your questions.