10 Features Every Tourist Attraction Booking Software Should Have

10 Features Every Tourist Attraction Booking Software Should Have

June 13, 2023

The main purpose of your attraction management system is to make your life easier, attract more guests, and to save money. To do this effectively, your system should have a long list of essential features that can help you do exactly that.

Here are 10 features we think are absolutely crucial for your attraction ticketing and management software!

1. An online booking platform

Online booking systems are a core part of industry technology for visitor attractions as they can help you more easily manage the capacity of your attraction, increase visitor numbers, and help you allocate staff more efficiently.

However, your booking platforms should also let your guests book additional products through your interface, such as VIP experiences or sponsorships, to help increase upsells and revenue.

2. Tour scheduling software

For historical or cultural tourist attractions, such as museums or distilleries, guided tours and other organised activities are crucial in providing a great day out for visitors. They can provide valuable insights into your attraction and really enrich the experience of your guests.

Your visitor attraction management system should have the software solutions in place to easily book and manage these events online. Our solution is fully tailored to your attraction and allows you to see how many people will be joining you for each session throughout the day!

For example, breweries or distilleries can use our tasting room reservation software to advertise and fill their tasting sessions with no hassle!

3. Events and facilities management options

If your attraction hosts any kind of event, such as seasonal Santa’s Grottos, concerts, or fireworks displays, you should be able to manage, configure, and delete these from one easy-to-access place.

The VenposCloud events interface allows you to access crucial information and easily configure all events at the click of a button to ensure that you are fully prepared. It also streamlines the booking process for your guests, making them more likely to attend.

4. CRM functionalities

Does your visitor management tool automatically collect customer data? If it doesn’t, you could be missing out on key information, such as contact details and spending habits, which could be hindering your remarketing efforts and secondary revenue streams.

Utilise a CRM to send discount offers to encourage returning customers, promote your most popular items, and reduce staff admin time collecting this data.

5. Automated data collation and reporting

While the CRM helps store customer data, your system should also be able to collate, display, and report that data straight to you without wasting hours of admin time going through it yourself.

Prepare for board meetings and presentations easily by automatically producing eye-catching reports through our partnership with Power BI and analysing the findings with our tools.

6. Stock and inventory management tools

If you have secondary points of sale in a gift shop or eatery, one of the most important things to keep on top of is your ongoing stock levels.

You need to have replacements available when your numbers are getting low, and you also need to prevent overselling items or experiences you don’t have the necessary items for.

Automate the process with an automatic inventory management tool which keeps track of your stock levels in real time, even across multiple locations.

7. Third-party marketing opportunities

Your attraction management system should provide plenty of opportunities for online marketing through third party partners or systems, helping to appeal to tourists and those seeking recommendations.

VenposCloud partners with various online travel agents, bloggers, and more to promote your attraction across the web – something that is only getting more important as holidaymakers continue the trend of booking their entire holiday and activities through one site!

8. Membership management functionality

Don’t forget about your repeat customers! Your software solution should have the ability to promote, manage, and target your most dedicated visitors with marketing messages specific to them.

Our membership management software can help your guests create, manage, and renew their membership with you quickly and easily, increasing membership uptake and helping reduce admin time for your staff.

9. Accessibility from anywhere

Your attraction management systems are an essential part of your business every single day, regardless of whether you are on site, at a point of sale, in the office, or away entirely. This is why it is absolutely essential that you can access everything you need from anywhere, all on a mobile phone.

One of the main benefits of the VenposCloud system is that it is always synchronised, meaning everyone has 24/7 access to the most up to date information possible. If you need to change something urgently, even if you’re halfway across the world, that change will be updated everywhere as soon as you do it.

 10. A dedicated support team

Sometimes you have questions or queries about your system and need a helping hand, but if you don’t have people to talk to seven-days-a-week, your business might suffer as a result.

The Vennersys support team are available everyday to ensure that your business is always moving, even when you’re uncertain about certain systems. Plus, we are partnered with AWS to guarantee the most reliable servers on the market, so you’ll never have to ring up worrying about an outage!

VenposCloud can do all that and more

Vennersys are proud to have the most adaptable and versatile visitor attraction management system on the market. Our comprehensive list of features can be included in your package or not as you see it, creating a fully tailored solution for the specific needs of your attraction.

Get in touch with our team today! Call 01908 735 274 or send an email to contact@vennersys.com to find out exactly how we can help your attraction.