Power BI: Enhancing Data Visualisation

Making data more accessible

Collecting data on your business is crucial for decision-making, but it is important to make sure you’re getting the most out of your data – that’s where Microsoft Power BI comes in! By integrating this feature with your VenposCloud system, your attraction will be able to visually see trends, with data collected from multiple departments across your business, that is easy to digest.

With Power BI, your data can be viewed in real time whenever you need it, meaning your attraction will no longer have to wait for the end of month reports. This will help your attraction make consistent corrective decisions to help you grow your business.

What can Power BI do for your attraction?

Our Power BI integration can help you get a better handle on your business by making it simpler for your attraction to utilise its data – whether it’s for sales, resource management, ordering stock, tracking costs or sending out emailers at the right time of the year.

Rather than just having a sheet of numbers, customisable dashboards allow you to visually see trends and real-time data and can be tailored to suit you and your attraction. Likewise, Power BI lets you easily connect to your data sources, allowing you to visualise and easily digest data to discover what’s important!

It can be adopted as a fully managed and hosted service or by utilising your own data system in conjunction with VenposCloud synchronisation functionalities. This means it can be operated in tandem with other VenposCloud modules to express and display the real-time data you need from across your attraction, whenever you need it.

Power BI will also generate Business Intelligence reports on the specific data you collect, which can be used to make quick, data-driven business decisions to help grow your attraction in the long term.

Sync up with your existing VenposCloud system

By utilising the Power BI integration in partnership with Vennersys, you gain access to a number of standard set dashboards for key management data. These include additional information on ticket sales, EPoS performance, budgets, and attraction profits, alongside integrating with core Vennersys features such as membership profiles and behaviour analysis, Gift Aid analysis, and more.

That way, you can see exactly how your VenposCloud offering is affecting your business, and easily understand conversion figures across multiple distribution channels, EPoS groups, and audiences.

Personalise your dashboard to report on other data sets

You are also able to produce additional, personalised dashboards tailored for your operational business rules, including footfall calculations, budgets, and key KPI targets measured against your business goals. These insights these can be delivered through your own Business Intelligence team or via the Vennersys data analysis team.

Every graph, table, or chart will be branded to fit your attraction, and it requires very little training to understand.

Power BI is a gateway for non-technical business managers to aggregate, analyse, visualise, and share data in an effective and efficient manner.


Interested in Power BI, but perhaps unsure about what else VenposCloud can do for you? Contact one of our attraction management specialists and book a demo with them to see how the system could work for you!

The VenposCloud system is designed to be specifically tailored for your attraction – why not find out more about our Gift Aid, membership management, or stock management functionalities?

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