Analysis & Reporting: Making Strategic Business Decisions  

­The data gathered across your visitor attraction is essential for understanding your customers’ spending patterns and trends, which can then be used to make informed business decisions.

Pulling this data into exportable reports allows deeper analysis into how your attraction is performing, whilst highlighting areas or time-periods where extra marketing or discounts will be necessary to maximise revenue. 

Why is analysis & reporting important for visitor attractions?

As an attraction owner or manager, it’s important to understand your customers so you can tailor your marketing strategies and business decisions to deliver an outstanding customer experience whilst maximising profits. For example, analysis and reporting would allow you to pinpoint your most popular events and best-selling stock, which would allow you to organise/order more or prompt you to create tailored promotions.

With our VenposCloud software, you can easily configure your reporting dashboard to quickly review relevant data:

Increase overall customer satisfaction

Accurate analysis and reporting at your visitor attraction, obtained via a comprehensive built-in suite of reports for tracking sales and site performance, is integral for reviewing patterns and trends.

This allows you to tailor business decisions to improve your customer service levels and maximise customer satisfaction, whether that’s by ensuring you always have your best-selling stock available or making sure you have enough employees available for your busy periods.

Increase revenue and profits

Reports are exportable for more detailed analysis, or you can talk to our team about a sync server for bespoke data views and dashboards. This offers management the provision of concise, timely and accurate information, which can then be used to tailor your marketing strategies and offer promotions during your quieter periods or for stock that isn’t selling as well in order to increase your attractions’ revenue.

Significantly reduce administration time

Reports created using VenposCloud provide management with as much or as little information as required, so you can completely tailor the analysis programme to suit your business needs.

This means only the essential information will be provided, allowing you to save time on reports and to be more efficient in your approach to handling your business’ data. Since you’ll be spending less time on compiling reports, you’ll be able to invest more time in other areas of your business.


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