CRM: Better Manage Your Database

Learn more about your customers, drive revenue and increase customer returns

Utilising a customer relationship management (CRM) will create a personalised and unique relationship between you and your customer. Which, when used effectively, can result in an increase in revenue and customer returns.

As a visitor attraction, collection and utilisation of this data is an increasingly important aspect of attraction management which is a key function of the CRM. Our Key Account Manager, Joseph Paul, and the Head of Innovation at Blenheim Palace, David Green, joined the Skip the Queue podcast to discuss data at length and what benefits this holds. Listen to the podcast on the Skip The Queue website.

Why is a CRM important for visitor attractions?

With an optimised attraction CRM system, your marketing team can target visitors with personalised incentives, enticing them to return to your attraction and encouraging them to purchase more during each visit.

Every visitor that books online, buys a membership, event ticket or makes a Gift Aid donation is automatically added to your contacts database. From here, their details will be securely tracked and recorded when they visit your attraction, with further detail collected from the tills on the premise and back-office purchases.

With proven success rates of 5 million CRM transactions processes, you can feel secure in the knowledge that our VenposCloud software is reliable, efficient, and successful. Plus, if you already have a CRM that you are happy with, all our services can freely integrate and work alongside it without necessitating a switch.

Increase customer spending

With a CRM, your attraction can track and record valuable data on customer purchases and spending. Your marketing team can then gather relevant information and use this to understand, manage, and market to its target audience.

With our centralised data source, and integration with 3rd party software, such as Campaign Monitor and GetFeedback, you can access everything under one platform. Delivering specific promotions and initiatives to each individual customer can help increase bookings and increase visitor spend.

Encourage return customers

Learning about your customers likes and dislikes will allow your attraction to create powerful e-marketing campaigns for those specially selected groups and encourage customers to return to your venue.

From day visitors to corporate clients, our advanced software will be able to categorise your different groups of customers, making it easier to target specific audiences using the campaign features integrated into your software.

Grow your contact database

With additional features such as timed messages you can encourage the growth of your customer contacts. Sending timed communications via email or SMS provides an easy way to remind your visitors to complete a booking.

Messages can be set up and timed to go out automatically at specific times, such as after a purchase, when a booking hasn’t been completed or before a membership expires. Alerting your customers can also help increase customer spend!


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