How you can maximise donations during the holidays with Gift Aid software

How you can maximise donations during the holidays with Gift Aid software

March 21, 2023

With the summer holidays right around the corner, you might be looking at ways to boost your revenue and visitor spend, given that you are likely to have more guests visiting every day.

If you operate a historic house, wildlife park, museum, or heritage site, you might rely on guest donations to bolster your revenue, which is where our automated Gift Aid software could come in handy.

But how does it work, and why should you implement it into your visitor attraction management software? Read on to find out!

Gift Aid is a valuable aspect of increasing revenue

Generating an estimated £1.3billion in additional income for charities across the UK every year, Gift Aid is a crucial aspect of growth for many organisations. This is because you can claim an additional 25p on every £1 donated through HMRC, provided that your donator pays the basic rate of Income Tax.

However, it is estimated that around £560million of Gift Aid revenue goes unclaimed; a significant amount of money that could help to improve your operations. This is because the claiming process can be easily forgotten, and you must claim your relief within a certain timeframe of the donation being placed.

Rather than setting yourself a never-ending list of reminders and wasting hours on admin time to
manually claim it, why not use the VenposCloud system so you never miss a donation again?

Our Gift Aid software helps to maximise income from donations

You can integrate our automated Gift Aid module as part of the VenposCloud visitor attraction management solution, which will simplify the process of Gift Aid collection and redemption for both you and your customers.

Since every functionality of our integrated visitor systems operate independently and sync to a single, central database, you can process Gift Aid donations while the rest of your attraction
operates as normal.

Plus, the system offers your visitors several ways to donate innovatively, without necessarily having to process manual donations at the entry gate or at points around your venue.

For example, your guests can choose to add a donation using Gift Aid on admission tickets or through the renewal of their memberships, which results in a faster and smoother collection process. They can also manually donate on entry or at any secondary points of sale using our fast data entry form at the till.

VenposCloud is designed to maximise efficiency

One of the most common reasons that visitors don’t sign up for Gift Aid is the time involved in the data collection process, especially if they have been waiting in a queue to get into your attraction.

That means reduced wait times on entry and at secondary points of sale may prompt more people to donate via Gift Aid. If they choose to do so, the process using your museum’s EPoS system is fast and simple, keeping customers satisfied with their experience.

Happy customers will mean good reviews and, hopefully, more business. But Gift Aid isn’t the only way that VenposCloud is designed to help the efficient management of your attraction.

We also offer an events management interface, CRM database, reporting tools, and more to help reduce staff admin time, helping them to focus on providing the best customer experience possible.

Find out more about how VenposCloud could help your attraction

Thanks to our uniquely customisable approach to VenposCloud, which allows you to pick and choose from our list of functionalities, you can create a tailored experience suited to the needs of your attraction.

To see how our Gift Aid module, or any of the other functionalities we offer could work for your attraction, consider booking a free demonstration with one of our team.

Alternatively, contact our office to talk with an expert on 01908 735 274 or by emailing