Great British Car Journey

Great British Car Journey

Vennersys has been chosen to partner with Great British Car Journey, an attraction that takes visitors on an interactive journey of British motor manufacturing. The Great British Car Journey is based in the picturesque area of Derwent Valley in Derbyshire. Visitors take a nostalgic trip down memory lane where they can see over 150 classic cars including the Austin 7 and the Mini.

There are many excellent car museums in the UK but Great British Car Journey is a little bit different. This is the story of a British industry which in its heyday was a worldwide force and its products could be found in all corners of the globe. Its heroes are the popular cars from a bygone era when for half a century, British cars did literally “rule the road”. Many of these cars are now incredibly rare and they have spent over two years searching for examples to display. Visitors are going on a journey that starts in the early 1920s when the working family could only dream of owning a car. The journey ends as they venture into the new millennium and most of Britain’s great car factories fall silent, overwhelmed by the same process of globalisation which swept away our once proud Ship Building and Aviation industries.

What Were The Challenges

The Great British Car Journey were arranging to reopen safely so they wanted a Ticketing and EPoS system that complies with all of the COVID-19 safety measures. The Museum needed a system where they could monitor the flow of people coming in and stagger customers around the venue. With VenposCloud, The Great British Car Journey can monitor how many customers are in the venue and ensure that social distancing Is being maintained. The Museum can assess which periods are busy and which are quiet so they can stagger customers accordingly. In addition, Visitor Attractions are required to collect contact details of customers for the NHS Test and Trace App. Our system can collect customer details to support your obligations under the test and trace guidelines.

Due to the nature of their business, they wanted a system which can easily process ticket sales for any type of event or experience from their EPoS. VenposCloud supports a range of tickets and transactions. Our powerful and intuitive EPoS systems can process admissions, memberships, retail and catering transactions and group bookings quickly. This leads to reduced waiting times and queues for visitors and allows the venue to operate efficiently.

Nick Symeou, Business Development Manager, comments,

“The Great British Car Journey wanted an integrated system that was adapted to their business needs. It was crucial for them to have a system which facilitated timed ticketing and allowed customers to pre-book timed slots on their website. The VenposCloud integrated event management module allows you to create a range of event bookings. Whether they are capacity driven, timed tickets, current or future events. Sale of tickets can be switched on or off EPoS and online adapting with the business needs. I believe that our system will help the museum manage their calendar of events and the data driven insights from our reporting module will help the venue to become more efficient and profitable.”