Food Museum

Food Museum

With 17 historic buildings set in 75 acres of beautiful countryside, the Food Museum is the largest independent museum in Suffolk. They care for 40,000 objects, connecting people with where their food comes from and the impact of their choices on the environment, health, and well-being.

Being the biggest venue in the area, they typically host weddings and community events such as beer festivals, Primadonna festival, bonfire nights, and Apple Day. With events such as the bonfire nights holding up to 5000 visitors each time, paired with the removal of their old till systems, it became essential the Food Museum found a new system.

With such large numbers in one night, an efficient entry process paired with easy access to gift donations and memberships was essential.

With the support of our systems, they now benefit from a completely new integrated till and admissions system, comprehensive CRM solution, reporting system and extensive customer service from our support team. Visitors can now purchase event tickets and memberships online in advance, which can help facilitate a faster entry process. Visitors can also make Gift Aid donations and complete purchases online, which are then available to the museum team to help produce forecasts and reports, as well as inform their marketing processes. 

These features allowed the museum to implement their growth plans and helped them with their most recent rebranding efforts. The rebranding went live in April 2022 and received widely positive reactions, leading many people to visit the museum to see the changes for themselves. Currently, the number of visitors at the museum has already returned to pre-Covid levels and is expected to increase further.

WATCH – See how the Food Museum in Suffolk uses our system to collect and store important data, streamline processes, and automatically produce crucial reports.

“We use the system for the ticketing of our events and Vennersys has helped find solutions for us so we can be confident that when we run the events again. Before, if someone took a booking for an event in the shop, they’d have to call through to the office and quickly ask us to take it off the website, which was far from ideal. Now everything works together and does what we need it to do.
We’re now able to pull lots of different data for reports and break data down, allowing us to do far more targeted marketing. Our director can get access to everything she needs in one place and doesn’t have to ask around for all the information when she needs it.”

Chloe Brett, Visitor Services and Marketing Manager at The Food Museum

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