Access Management: Better Manage Visitor Capacity

Minimise admission time, enhance customer experience and reduce staffing costs

Integrated access management can help your attraction offer streamlined and simplified visitor admittance, reduce waiting times and increase overall customer satisfaction, as well as offer easy capacity management for your attraction.

Why is access management important for visitor attractions?

Reduce staffing costs by up to 50%

Fast and secure access management can streamline admittance and reduce visitor waiting times with a fully automated check in and check out feature for annual passes, memberships and admission tickets at your entry and exit points.

Where your venue would usually see large admission or fast-track queues, visitors will now be able to quickly scan themselves in and out of your attraction with the integrated barcode/QR and RFID technology feature. By doing this, it reduces the demand for employees at these points.

Access to real-time usage information at admission-controlled entrance or exit points enables your attraction to validate and collect rich capacity management information, including accurate head counts and capacity tracking.

Our VenposCloud software allows simplified managements of venue access, using standard PC architecture for easy use, as well as being compatible with all major turnstiles manufacturers.

Boost focus on customer experience

Replacing manual check-ins can greatly reduce excessive wait times and reduce visitor frustration at your attraction entrance points. Our easy to use and automatic checking-in system can free up your employees’ time, allowing them to concentrate on customer service when greeting customers, rather than spending time worrying about the software.

Streamline fast track entry

Visitors don’t want to carry multiples of tickets for their different offerings. Our access management offering allows your attraction to simplify ticketing and improve the visitor experience by incorporating fast-track validation with scannable admittance tickets.

Working with our Validator App, access management can be easily integrated and used alongside the fast-track entry, allowing for a smooth and seamless experience between the two.

Improve capacity management

With access to real-time fire reports as well as reports on dwell times and accurate head counts, your attraction can prevent capacity issues from occurring, such as avoiding over-selling on admission tickets.

Maximise your attractions profits

With fully integrated online ticketed software, no human involvement is required resulting in less money spent on wages and more profit returned.

Attractions with our access management in place have already reduced staffing costs by up to 50% due to the effectiveness of our system in completing tasks you would have previously had to schedule employees on a shift for!


If you’re looking to enhance capacity control at your venue with our access management software, why not integrate it with a few other features such as our events & facilities management or our POS software?

An industry-leading provider of online ticketing and integrated point of sale solutions, we have over 30 years experience in supporting our partners in improving and increasing value at their visitor attractions. Find out exactly how we do that in our case studies.

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