Understanding the importance of pre-booking and capacity management at your attraction

Understanding the importance of pre-booking and capacity management at your attraction

January 13, 2023

Modern attraction EPoS and event booking systems are crucial for the efficient running of your attraction, with some of the most important functionalities they provide being pre-booking and timed ticketing options.

The careful management of these online ticketing options is key to controlling visitor flow, but why could this be so useful for your attraction? Read on to find out!

Pre-booking and online ticketing sales became a requirement during the pandemic

When attractions started opening their doors to visitors once again in mid-to-late-2020, careful capacity management became essential to maintain the strict social distancing requirements enforced at the time.

Smaller and indoor attractions needed to be very restrictive to successfully continue their trade, given that their guests would, by nature, be in close contact with one another. Limiting guests to certain entry and exit times was one way to maintain a constant flow of business without going over the allotted number of visitors allowed.

Larger attractions needed to ensure that shows and events were never too populated, and that there were appropriate spaces left between guests queuing for rides or food.

What was at first considered a logistical nightmare quickly became the norm and is now thought to be an excellent way to maximise your business potential, even with the pandemic behind us.

Offering pre-booked tickets can help you predict visitor numbers

One of the best parts of offering pre-booked tickets for your attraction and events is that it can help you predict visitor numbers, allowing you to better plan your staffing and operational costs.

If you know the percentage of tickets you tend to sell at the entry gates each day (if any), you can estimate your total visitor number based on pre-booked tickets and task your staff accordingly.

If you are expecting a busy day, for example, you may want to have more staff on tills or at help points. This means that your staff aren’t overworked and can focus on providing a quick and excellent service, improving the overall customer experience.

Plus, the innovative QR code technology on all VenposCloud tickets helps reduce wait times at the entrance and prevents the need for multiple staff members to regulate visitor entry.

Timed ticketing also helps you more easily manage any events you host, as you can limit the number of ticket sales to automatically prevent overselling and even use our software to help your customers book specific seats.

Timed ticketing can help you manage peak periods

For smaller attractions with a limit on the number of visitors they can admit at any one time, or larger attractions with specific areas or events that need to be controlled, timed ticketing functionality is crucial.

By offering timed ticketing to your guests with specific time slots, you can effectively manage the admittance of visitors to prevent overcrowding or overworking your staff, which can also result in long wait times around your attraction and a reduction in customer satisfaction.

This way, you can admit only a certain number of guests to your attraction or show at any one time and offer different times to other people. You may choose to allow entry at 30-minute intervals, which can help maintain a steady flow throughout the day.

This can also help to increase your revenue, given that more people will be spending time at your attraction throughout the day and the wait times for your gift shops, cafés, or other points of sale.

VenposCloud is a bespoke solution tailored to your attraction

To get the most out of your visitor management system, you need one that is designed specifically for you.

Whether you need timed ticketing and pre-booking options, a CRM to store customer data, a more effective method of managing your attraction memberships, or a way of managing your stock, VenposCloud has your needs covered.

Interested in finding out more about our system? Feel free to get in touch – Email contact@vennersys.com or call us on 01908 735 274 to chat with one of our team today.