How Implementing Cloud-Based Ticketing Software Could Help The Environment

How Implementing Cloud-Based Ticketing Software Could Help The Environment

August 15, 2022

Megan Thompson, Business Development Manager here at Vennersys, has looked at the environmentally friendly aspect of cloud-based software, and why that is a key consideration when looking at ticketing solutions. Megan’s detailed knowledge of the systems and processes employed within the visitor attraction sector helps her identify the ways in which visitor attractions contribute towards climate change, but also the benefits of changing them. Read on to see what she has to say!

Climate change is a concern for customers as well as businesses

One of the most important aspects for businesses in recent years is an outward commitment to positive environmental change. This is not only for the well-being of the planet, but also because consumers expect and look for companies that are adopting new, environmentally friendly methods.

Visitor attractions are no exception. The type of attraction you operate will affect how much you are fuelling the climate crisis, but there are steps that every attraction can take to reduce their impact. For one, you could move your business infrastructure to the cloud.

In fact, switching to a cloud-based computer system could reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by almost 80% compared to on-premises servers. If you’re looking to review your avenues to meet your climate change pledge, our VenposCloud platform could be for you.

But how exactly does it work, and is it reliable and easy to use?

How do visitor attractions contribute to climate change?

The reliance on traditional paper printing for several visitor attraction business practices is one of the most significant ways that the industry contributes to the climate crisis.

For example, printed admission tickets, brochures, leaflets, maps, coupons, and more all contribute to the massive amounts of paper waste in the UK, especially if you don’t offer recycling bins around your venue.

Additionally, physical membership cards and scannable loyalty cards are often laminated or made from plastic, which may not be recyclable or decomposable.

All these resources could be provided virtually via the cloud and a customer’s mobile phone. This will not only be more convenient for the customer, who now doesn’t need to juggle multiple handouts when walking around, but also benefits the environment by cutting down paper usage.

Furthermore, the infrastructure and servers behind the local operations of many visitor attractions are outdated and inefficient, which means they use a significant amount more energy to run than modern cloud systems.

Updating these systems will help reduce the amount of electricity your attraction consumes, which reduces the overall amount of fossil fuels burned to produce it.

A cloud-based infrastructure will help reduce your environmental impact

By implementing cloud ticketing software into your visitor attraction, you will be cutting down your paper usage significantly, as guests will be able to scan themselves in via an e-ticket. Plus, you will be able to provide all additional resources, such as maps or leaflets, via the internet.

Membership cards and loyalty schemes that are accessible via the cloud and stored in a phone wallet could also reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste your attraction produces.

Furthermore, implementing a cloud EPoS system can help reduce paper usage with e-receipts rather than traditional paper ones, and it also helps you manage your stock levels without the need to take physical notes.

Modern cloud servers and infrastructural systems also have more significantly more efficient cooling and maintenance systems, which helps reduce the energy levels you need to keep them running.

There is also a huge push in the cloud services industry for renewable energy. Many cloud technology providers have committed to run their systems entirely off renewable energy in the next few years, meaning that the upkeep and maintenance of cloud systems will not contribute to climate change.

Plus, local servers exist only to serve you and your attraction, whereas cloud-hosted servers can be used by multiple attractions at any one time. This removes the need for every individual venue to be running their own servers at the same time and helps increase energy efficiency.

The VenposCloud system isn’t just environmentally friendly

Our cloud-based epos system, ticketing solution, and data management system will not only help you reduce your environmental footprint, but also help bring down admin time and increase revenue.

Thanks to our innovative and integrated QR code technology, the ticketing and admissions process is completed entirely online, which means your ticket barriers can be almost fully autonomous. This helps free up your staff members to complete other tasks around the venue and also focus on providing the best possible customer service.

Secondly, every single service we provide is connected via a central processing system. This means that any transaction, sale, and other important piece of information is instantly transmitted to every other point of access in your system, so everything is constantly up to date.

This helps prevent human administrative errors and reduces admin time when comparing stock levels, measuring sales, and gathering data. We also provide more than 100 reports so you can gain valuable insight into your consumer data without the need of doing it manually.

We even offer specialist services for individual industries, such as an animal adoption module for farms and zoos, table ordering software for cafes, and events management for special occasions.

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About the author

Megan Thompson has worked in business development for more than six years and has given her talents to Vennersys for a large chunk of that. Her empathetic, customer-focused nature has helped her understand the needs of those operating within the visitor attraction sector, making her perfectly suited for guiding both us and our clients towards success.