The Power of Attraction EPoS in Enhancing Guest Experiences

The Power of Attraction EPoS in Enhancing Guest Experiences

February 20, 2024

The primary focus for all visitor attraction managers is to provide an unforgettable experience to your guests. From interesting historical exhibits to thrilling theme park rides, good food, and petting zoos, our clients provide the very best that each of their industries has to offer.

That’s why you don’t want ticket trouble, long wait times, or inefficient processes to get in the way and ruin the experience. Here are five features of VenposCloud that can help ensure the best visitor experience possible!

1. Reduce Queue Times with Integrated Ticketing Systems

One of the best ways to ensure a great start to the day for your visitors is to reduce their queue times at entry points, allowing them to enter your attraction as soon as they arrive.

You can do this in a few different ways, but one of the most effective is our innovative QR code technology that allows your guests to scan themselves into your attraction. This means you can leave fully automated entry barriers with only a couple of staff members on hand to deal with manual entry or questions.

Not only does this mean your guests can scan themselves in much quicker, but it also means you can free up other members of staff to focus on providing an incredible customer experience elsewhere in your attraction.

2. Introduce Table Ordering at Your Eatery

If you have an on-site café or restaurant, save your visitors the hassle of queuing at the till and let them order directly from where they’re sitting.

Our table ordering software is designed to help reduce wait times and ease the burden during the busy lunch rush. Any orders made through visitor mobile phones are sent straight to your kitchen staff, allowing them to prepare the food while your front-of-house staff focus on ensuring customer satisfaction. This also helps increase order accuracy and reduce staff mistakes!

This helps prevent a backlog at your point of sale and can free up your staff to focus on bringing over food and drinks, checking that everything is okay with current diners, and cleaning tables for availability.

3. Provide Guest Services Online

Do you have time consuming processes when it comes to renewing memberships or setting up sponsorships? Do your most loyal guests end up spending a long time at your visitor information centre or entry tills to do this when they could be enjoying their day?

Make these processes possible to do online via your website so that your guests can enjoy their day as much as possible. It can often be difficult to manage this effectively, but our systems provide a dedicated sponsorship and membership portal that allows your guests to manage their subscriptions and payments easily.

By allowing your guests to do these processes remotely, your customer information staff have more time to complete essential tasks and provide support to those who really need it.

    4. Allow For Timed Ticketing When Booking Online

    One of the most efficient ways to improve the guest experience and help your staff cope with busy periods is to implement a timed ticketing system. This kind of software is excellent if your attraction isn’t an all-day thing as you can more easily spread your visitors throughout the day.

    This gives your customers a time slot to enjoy at their leisure which ensures that your attraction is never too crowded and that you have a constant flow of guests throughout the day. This can help reduce wait times for specific events or exhibits within your attraction and prevent your guests from feeling rushed, crowded, and annoyed.

    5. Use Data to Allow for Better Resource Management

    Data is crucial for businesses no matter the industry, but visitor attractions can use data to predict visitor numbers, gift shop sales, and visitor flow. This can help you can adapt and adjust staff numbers or locations and stock levels to help provide your guests with the best possible experience.

    Using our integrated PowerBI software, data is more accessible than ever. PowerBI is a third-party platform that assists with the production of clear, insightful, and visually appealing reports to help you break down and understand the data you collect.

    It can integrate with your existing modules and services to provide additional insights and information, including on ticket sales, EPoS performance, membership profiles, stock levels, Gift Aid success, and more.

    No more surprise stock sellouts, overcrowding, or show cancellations – use the data you’ve collected from previous years to help predict visitor numbers and demand, allowing you to improve availability and adapt processes in response.

    Implement Integrated Visitor Systems into Your Attraction Today

    VenposCloud is one of the leading multipurpose ticketing systems in the UK, with dedicated services and solutions for visitor attractions across all industries and audiences. Our comprehensive EPoS system provides attractions with everything they need to streamline internal processes, increase income, and improve the visitor experience.

    Book a free demonstration of the VenposCloud system today to see exactly how it could work for you or make the most of our current free system review offer to identify ways to improve your management system!

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