Sponsorships: Help Supplement Online Revenue

Boost revenue through customer donations

There is a long list of ways to provide sponsorship opportunities to your most dedicated visitors, no matter which type of attraction you operate. Our software can help you easily manage, configure, add, or remove your sponsorships, from benches to trees and everything in between.

What are sponsorships and how do they help your revenue?

Sponsorships allow your visitors to contribute an additional sum of money towards your attraction by sponsoring certain items or landmarks within your venue. This means they will be immortalised and recognised by your attraction, and they will be likely to return more often as a result.

With VenposCloud, you can operate a comprehensive sponsorship scheme for any number of relevant items on your premises all with one easy-to-use, efficient system!

Simplify the process to improve the customer experience

Our innovative sponsorships module is designed with the user experience at heart, whether it’s your staff or the sponsors themselves using the website.

By incorporating our industry-leading user journey into the sponsorship functionality, your visitors can choose to purchase sponsorships quickly through your website or on-site via card, direct debit, or even gift vouchers.

Our data-collection process is painless and efficient, and the sponsorship portal can also include additional information about a sponsor’s investment, such as what it is and its significance to your attraction.

Increase business efficiency

The VenposCloud system is designed to significantly reduce your business admin time and help bring down staffing costs; the sponsorships module is no different.

Accessible from anywhere, you can manage and configure your sponsorships at any time. This means that you can quickly set up a new sponsorship with no restrictions, which is especially useful if a customer is asking for it away from your admissions or point of sale systems.

Plus, if you run a charitable or not-for-profit organisation, sponsorships can be considered as donations, which means you can claim Gift Aid. By twinning the sponsorship module with our innovative Gift Aid functionality, you can remove the stress of reconciliation as our functionality will handle it automatically.

Supplement your revenue and reward customers

A sponsorship is a fantastic way for both parties to benefit. You have access to additional funds that can be used to reinvest in the business, and your sponsors are on show for other visitors to see their generosity.

If you already offer sponsorships, our module can be easily integrated with your existing processes, and we can migrate data as needed over time.

Plus, a sponsorship is a great way to encourage new and returning business. Those who have sponsored will want to see their reward in person, and they are also likely to encourage other family members and friends, who may never have visited before, to go and see it, too.


Interested in our sponsorships module, or new to the VenposCloud system? Feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions or consider booking a free demonstration to see our system in action!

See what else VenposCloud can do! Ask us about our membership management, table ordering, or analysis and reporting functionalities, or check out our full list of features here.

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