Why server reliability is so important for visitor attractions

Why server reliability is so important for visitor attractions

February 16, 2023

For visitor attractions, few things are more important than the reliability of their attraction management and EPoS solutions.

If your internet connection drops or your hardware is faulty and unreliable, you could be reducing your revenue and worsening the customer experience.

So how do Vennersys combat this, and what is it about their cloud-based ticketing software that stands out from the rest? Read on to find out!

Server downtime gets in the way of the customer experience

If you operate with an admissions system that requires an internet connection to validate entry tickets, a server outage of any length of time could start a customer’s day off in the wrong way.

The resulting inability to admit guests will increase wait times on entry, which could last for much longer than the initial outage, and also reduce customer satisfaction. Your customers might get frustrated and impatient with your staff, and this will only get worse the longer they have to wait.

The same could be said about your secondary points of sale around your venue, including gift shops, food stalls, stages for shows, and more. If you are unable to process sales, your customers may not be willing to wait to make their payment, meaning you lose out from your alternative income streams.

If unreliability strikes at the worst possible time, you may even lose access to your ability to manage and admit guests to your special events.

The VenposCloud system is the most reliable on the market

The worries of an unreliable system aren’t a factor for Vennersys clients. Our servers are run in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading cloud service provider.

Their systems offer the power and functionality we need to offer the most reliable and comprehensive visitor attraction management and cloud ticketing services on the market.

Our servers are placed across multiple availability zones, which ensures that the Venpos system is operating and available to our clients all day, every day, right throughout the year.

AWS also have advanced security tools and features to ensure that both our systems and our client’s valuable data are never compromised. Combined with their automatic back-up tools, no key data can be accessed, stolen, or deleted under any circumstances.

Our support team are here to answer your questions

Your servers may be ever present, but you still might be faced with some questions about the system or wonder how to get the best out of our offering. In situations like these, our support team are on hand seven days a week to answer your queries.

Since the VenposCloud service is constantly changing and we are always reinvesting in our own development, our support staff are the first to dive into and digest our new functionalities. That way, they are fully prepared to handle any questions from the moment a new feature launches.

Read up on exactly how our support team can help you!

Our systems work independently from one another

Since the VenposCloud system is accessible from anywhere, you might still find yourself in an area without connectivity, especially if you own a farm park or historic site in the middle of the countryside.

Not to worry – if you ever happen to lose connectivity, every one of our features can work independently from one another. This means that you needn’t stop sales, admissions, or anything else while you wait for a connection to be re-established.

As soon as you regain that connection, our systems will automatically re-sync and update all relevant databases across your venue, without the need for any human intervention.

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