Why Venpos Leads the Way to Seamless Integration

Why Venpos Leads the Way to Seamless Integration

August 11, 2022

Business Development Manager, Stuart Ward, has analysed the integrational functionalities of the VenposCloud system and why those features help put us at the forefront of the ticketing solution industry. Stuart’s 8 years’ experience working with businesses to identify pain points and gaps in their processes and systems help him understand exactly what it is a company or product needs to be successful, and why the VenposCloud system stands out from the crowd.

Read on for his views!

Ticketing systems are essential for visitor attractions

The visitor attraction industry relies heavily on the reliability and functionality of their admission and management systems to operate at full efficiency. When you are monitoring thousands of customers every day, you need the systems in place to keep things moving.

As a pioneer of visitor attraction management software, Vennersys and our VenposCloud system are there to give you exactly what you need.

Our integrated visitor systems can provide you with any service your attraction demands, from EPoS solutions to online ticketing and member management software. But how do we do it, and what makes our integrated solution a leading market choice? Read on to find out!

Inefficient practices can affect an attraction’s revenue

Since ticketing and management systems are so important for the everyday operation of your visitor attraction, you need to be sure you’ve chosen the right one for you. There are several ways that inefficient and unstable systems could cost your attraction time and money.

For example, if your entry systems falter and you’re unable to sell new tickets or admit those who have pre-booked, you could lose out on ticket sales and spending within your venue. It could also cause long queues at the entrance and reduce customer satisfaction.

If your online booking system doesn’t track ticket sales or update them with your central database regularly then you may oversell tickets, forcing you to turn guests away at the gate or overcrowding your venue.

If your point-of-sale systems don’t allow for online food ordering or continual, remote stock management, then you may oversell certain items, have inefficient staff practices, and again, reduce customer satisfaction.

Plus, you may be paying for a package that mostly fits your business, but that still has parts or features that you never use. This essentially means you are wasting money on unwanted features.

Simply put, your ticketing and management solutions should be reliable and tailored to the needs of your business, which is exactly what VenposCloud is designed to do.

The integrated nature of the VenposCloud system makes it fast, functional, and reliable

Our VenposCloud system paves the way for attraction EPoS, ticketing, and management solutions thanks to our seamless integration between services.

Our software is housed entirely on the cloud, and each individual system we provide can easily be integrated with one another. This means that important data and information is accessible from anywhere, and all your systems and databases communicate with one another.

The ability to share data across your venue helps you monitor the flow of traffic around your attraction, lets you analyse consumer behaviours to inform your future business decisions, and means we can provide comprehensive reports that cover all aspects of your business.

It also means that you don’t need to acquire and juggle multiple systems for different purposes, helping you and your staff reduce admin time.

In fact, the VenposCloud system can help you reduce staffing costs across the board. The QR-code admission system prevents you from needing to keep multiple staff on the front gates all day, the stock management system stops the need for a manual stock-take, and the membership management system can help make communication processes entirely autonomous.

The integrated module system means you only pay for what you need

Another major benefit of our integration is that each service functions independently from one another but can be added to your attraction at any time. By offering our services in this modular fashion, you can pick and choose just the functions you need for your attraction.

For example, you may initially want to benefit from just our attraction CRM systems, events management, and admission services. A few years later, you may have expanded your operations to include a café and loyalty programme, which means you may then want to adopt our table ordering and membership management systems.

In this situation, the additional two modules can be easily integrated with your existing services without impacting your business in the process. These additional services will also sync with any existing data and start producing data for the next report.

This can be done with any of our services, meaning that you never need to worry about missing out or needing something in the future.

Find out what VenposCloud could do for you in more detail

Want to find out exactly how VenposCloud could help YOUR business? Read our full list of features or book a demo with our team to find out exactly how we could benefit you! Email contact@vennersys.com or call us on 01908 735 274 today.

About the author

Stuart has worked in business development for more than 8 years and has used this experience to help several SMEs survive and thrive through even the most difficult periods. His expert knowledge on what businesses need to do in order to take the next steps help him provide valuable insights into our services and identifies ways for us to keep ahead of the competition.