How Can I Reduce Admission Queues At My Visitor Attraction?

How Can I Reduce Admission Queues At My Visitor Attraction?

April 19, 2022

It’s the morning of your big day out. The whole family have booked time off from work, waited weeks for the school holidays, and now you’ve turned up at your favourite attraction excited for the day ahead. But before you can enter and enjoy yourselves, you need to join the dreaded two-hour queue to get in.

Everyone’s been there. At some point in your life, a ridiculously long queue has started your day on the wrong foot. So, how can you prevent the same thing from happening to your customers and keep your business running smoothly by reducing admission queues? Read on to find out more.

Traditional ticketing systems can be inefficient, inconsistent, and ineffective

Ticketing systems are used across the visitor amusement and attractions sector. From zoos and aquariums to established cultural heritage sites, every venue needs to manage its admissions in one way or another.

However, an inefficient ticketing system could be costing your customers time and your business money. Some ticketing systems fail to evolve alongside other technologies, others may rely on an inconsistent internet connection, and others may be incompatible with the different programmes and facilities you use in your business.

All these issues could cause long queues and reduce customer satisfaction levels, while also increasing your labour costs as your employees frantically try to fix them. Frustrated customers are less likely to return and may leave a poor review which may put others off visiting in the future too.

To help your business shine, you need a ticketing system that works as efficiently as you do.

VenposCloud can improve your admission process

Modern businesses need modern solutions. Our VenposCloud system is designed to streamline and simplify your ticketing processes without the common struggles you may encounter with other ticketing services.

Our service gives you access to state-of-the-art systems centred around capacity management for attractions. From timed ticketing systems to membership and visitor access management software, everything you could possibly need for efficient ticketing management can be found in one place.  

To help reduce the admission (and exit) queues at your venue, you could benefit from our all-in-one ticketing system. One of the many benefits VenposCloud brings to the table is an automated admittance system that uses integrated QR code technology to reduce customer wait times and increase staff efficiency, since fewer employees are required at the ticket gates.

The simplicity with which our ticketing system operates lets your guests to simply scan themselves in with no delay, allowing for a much faster queuing experience without the need for time-consuming conversation at the entry gates.

Plus, you can create separate queues for annual pass and membership holders and receive real-time usage information straight from the admission gates. This allows you to more easily track your capacity through an accurate visitor headcount and helps you to avoid overselling.

VenposCloud offers unique services for every type of attraction

VenposCloud is more than just a ticket and visitor management solution. We serve all types of attractions, from museums to theme parks and everything in between. As such, VenposCloud also offers several unique services to fit the needs of any business.

Perhaps your attraction has several secondary points of sale, like restaurants or gift shops, and you want to reduce wait times for those, too. VenposCloud also has table ordering, inventory management and animal adoption services to help streamline all potential areas of your business.

Or maybe your venue relies heavily on charitable donations to keep afloat. In that case, our integrated, online Gift Aid service will help you claim the added 25% donation easily without the need for manual reporting to HMRC.

No matter what venue or attraction you operate, VenposCloud can help your event run smoothly. For example, we recently worked with the Great British Car Journey in order to manage their ticketing systems to help their visitors social distance during the pandemic.

With our system, the Great British Car Journey were able to monitor and manage the flow of people into the event, guide people away from busier areas and collect all relevant NHS Test and Trace data seamlessly.

If you’d like to find out more about how our services could help the efficiency of your business, email or call 01922 472 044 to speak with one of our team.