Is Your Charity Attraction Using Integrated Visitor Systems?

Is Your Charity Attraction Using Integrated Visitor Systems?

May 17, 2023

National Lottery grants have been key to the survival and subsequent success of charitable heritage sites, especially when they were unable to admit visitors during the pandemic.

However, many of these historic sites do not have modern ticketing systems and may have trouble managing the number of guests they are expecting through their doors.

If your attraction is in receipt of National Lottery grants, consider using the funds to modernise your ticketing software. Read on to find out why!

National Lottery Grants For Heritage Attractions

The National Lottery has been providing grants to heritage attractions across the UK for almost 20 years. These grants are designed to help attractions afford projects that would otherwise be too expensive, such as restorations or developments, which can help attract more visitors.

One of the key benefits of these grants is that they provide charitable heritage trusts with access to funds that would otherwise be unobtainable to help develop their attraction.

However, we believe it is vital that these attractions use some of their grant to invest in modern ticketing systems. That’s because modern, integrated visitor systems, like VenposCloud, provide so much more than just ticketing.

Be aware that, in order to apply for funding, you will need to meet several criteria. For example, you will need to have a board with at least two unrelated members, a bank account in your organisation’s name, yearly financial accounts, and a manifesto or constitution that states your organisational aims.

If you’d like to find out more about National Lottery funding options, or if you think you are ready to apply for your charity’s projects, check the information page on their website.

The Importance of Modernising Historic Houses Ticketing Software

Historic houses, museums, and heritage sites are an important part of the UK’s culture, and they attract millions of visitors each year. However, many of these attractions still use outdated ticketing systems that can be frustrating for visitors. Long queues, slow service, and confusing pricing structures can all detract from the visitor experience.

For example, some historic houses still use traditional paper-based systems, which can be slow, inefficient, and may even lead to human error, resulting in incorrect data.

By updating their ticketing software, charitable attractions can make it easier for visitors to purchase tickets, maximise income, and reduce staff admin time.

By updating their ticketing software, charitable attractions can make it easier for visitors to purchase tickets, maximise income, and reduce staff admin time.

Modern ticketing systems can also help these attractions to collect valuable data on visitor behaviour and spending habits, which can be used to improve the visitor experience, attract more visitors in the future, and inform key business decisions.

VenposCloud is fully hosted on the cloud, which means that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This helps your attraction stay fully synced, meaning that you will never oversell stock or tickets, and you can always see the most up-to-date data available.

It is also considerably faster to operate than any kind of paper or multi-system setup, helping to reduce queue times throughout your attraction and allowing your staff to focus purely on stellar customer service.

Gift Aid Software For Charities

Most historic houses, museums, and heritage sites in the UK are registered as charities, which means that they can benefit from Gift Aid. Gift Aid is a tax relief scheme that allows charities to claim back the basic rate tax on donations made by UK taxpayers.

While Gift Aid can provide a valuable source of income for historic houses, it can be complicated to manage, and an estimated £560 million of Gift Aid goes unclaimed every single year.

Fortunately, the Gift Aid functionality with VenposCloud helps charitable organisations manage Gift Aid donations more efficiently. Our software helps to automate the process of claiming Gift Aid, which saves you time and reduces the risk of errors with consolidation.

More Than Just Ticketing

VenposCloud is an integrated attraction and visitor management system. This means that it is designed to serve all your attraction management needs, regardless of your industry, visitor numbers, or circumstances. While we have developed our ticketing systems in the UK, our services are available across Europe.

Vennersys are experts in attraction management and have made sure that VenposCloud can handle anything, from streamlined ticketing and admissions to table ordering in your café and transactions in your gift shop using a cloud EPoS system.

If you’d like to find out more about VenposCloud, get in touch – email or call 01908 735 274 to speak with an expert. Alternatively, book a free demo today to see how VenposCloud works for yourself!