The National Wallace Monument & Stirling Council

The National Wallace Monument & Stirling Council

Located in Stirling, the National Wallace Monument is a 67-metre tower standing above the fields where William Wallace led his troops to victory during The Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Our partnership began five years ago when we met at an exhibition show and discussed possible solutions that would allow the National Wallace Monument access to their software in all areas of their attraction, whilst streamlining the generation of records and reports.

It was important to them to be able to access their software from anywhere, using any device, online or offline, especially now that the Stirling Council manages the monument.

Vennersys was chosen by the council as we offered far more than any of our competitors and our cloud solution could fulfil their needs and help improve other key areas in the attraction.

The National Wallace Monument is currently using several features on their VenposCloud system such POS solutions, CRM management, online ticketing, group bookings and even travel trade, and the number of features keeps being reviewed to be aligned with their needs and goals.

“The VenposCloud solution offers a variety of different features that were essential in both of our sites. We needed software that could not only withstand our needs and demand but could also produce detailed reports. We have since gained a deeper understanding of our customers and use these reports to our advantage to better our site. The till flexibility and its different features within, especially the offline service, is incredibly useful. Being able to access everything in one place reduces so much admin time and is really resourceful.”

Hannah Lucas, Commercial and Operations Manager at Stirling Council

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