Dalkeith Country Park

Dalkeith Country Park

Located just outside Edinburgh, Scotland, Dalkeith Country Park is situated within 1,000 stunning acres of woodland and historic buildings.

When a few of their employees visited our partner Blenheim Palace, they asked about what software they were using. The team were impressed by the functionality offered by VenposCloud and decided to approach us to discuss the solutions we could offer to their park.

Dalkeith Country Park offer lots of different facilities, covering retail, hospitality, and events, and so they were using various software solutions to cover all areas needed. Therefore, Dalkeith Country Park needed to reduce the number of software providers they were using in the different areas across the park and replace it with an integrated and cost-effective solution. They wanted a software that would give them the freedom to control every aspect of their park in one place and make event management simpler. 

What Were The Challenges

As the park offered lots of different areas from retail and hospitality to events, they worked with many different software solutions to be able to cover all areas. They began looking for a solution that was not only cost-effective but could also control everything, from the ticketing to their CRM database, with the most important feature being their events.

The park often held several events at one time so it was important to have software that could withstand not only the number of events, but also the number of people that would be attending. The park was able to hold up to 20,000 people therefore it was vital that they chose software that was reliable, powerful, and efficient. With this number of visitors at once, not only did the events management need to be capable but the POS, CRM system and
ticketing software did too.

A Quote From The Client

“It’s incredibly adaptable, we can use it to cater to our individual needs. Using a variety of their features is really beneficial in terms of being the most cost and time effective. Vennersys offered a lot more than their competitors and we have seen great results since using it. Regardless of the size of our events the software has been able to withstand and support our busy periods, for instance over Christmas we have several events running at the same time and the various features have supported this.”

Stephen Begg, Operations Manager at Dalkeith Country Park

Our VenposCloud software was the solution they needed. Since execution, they have increased the number of bookings made online to 97%, taking in total 147,000 online bookings just in 2021.

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