Clevedon Pier & Heritage Trust

Clevedon Pier & Heritage Trust

Located in the town of Clevedon, Somerset, Clevedon Pier & Heritage Trust is a seaside pier on the East shore of the Severn Estuary.

Clevedon Pier & Heritage Trust was looking to upgrade their ticketing management system to one that would allow them to implement an integrated approach to embrace their marketing, operational and commercial needs.

After a long and thoughtful decision process, the Clevedon Pier & Heritage Trust board decided that Vennersys was the best option out of eight other ticketing management software providers reviewed to take on this project.

What Were The Challenges

Clevedon Pier was looking to move away from its outdated ticketing system and upgrade it into a modern system that would be able to implement an integrated approach to embrace their marketing, operational, and commercial needs. It was important for the pier to improve the customer experience when getting tickets
and annual passes, as 25% of their visitors purchase unlimited tickets. These include individual, couple, single-parent family, and full family annual unlimited passes.

They also wanted to make these passes more special by ditching magnetic strips and replacing it with QR codes as a unique identifier, as well as promoting gift aid donations with two priced tickets which include the option to donate. Last but certainly not least, the pier wanted to increase upsells, target local people, and have a reliable and easy-to-use system for their staff to operate and report on activity.

Client Quote

“Vennersys have offered excellent support from the very beginning, always open for discussions and ever ready with suggestions on how to improve our business practices and take full advantage of their innovative system. VenposCloud is an extremely flexible software which allows us to do things we could not do before with our previous system, and it lets us modernise our processes – helping us to upgrade our offering to visitors and improving their overall experience. The reporting feature has been key in helping the commercial team to find new growth opportunities and increase our revenue.”
Phil Curme, Chairman – Clevedon Pier & Heritage Trust

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