How to identify and resolve pain points with VenposCloud

How to identify and resolve pain points with VenposCloud

February 27, 2023

A family day out is always exciting, so you don’t want all that anticipation and enthusiasm to be drained out of your visitors as soon as they arrive at your venue!

While your attraction is sure to be a fantastic day out for any guest, it’s possible that the overall customer experience is tarnished by frustrating internal processes or inefficient ticketing software. This can also affect your revenue and prove difficult from a management perspective!

So how can the VenposCloud system help you identify both customer and management pain points and, more importantly, how does it help to fix them? Read on to find out!

Vennersys can help identify areas for improvement

No matter which industry you operate in, Vennersys can help identify and rectify issues with your management processes. You might not think about the small things that can get in the way of a perfect day out, but they can be scarily common!

Your customers may experience long wait times on entry or at secondary points of sale, issues scanning their tickets or completing purchases, and a slow online booking journey. All these problems could reduce the overall satisfaction levels of your guests.

And consider this: once your customers leave, do they hear from you again? If you don’t reach out, they may not think about returning any time soon, which mean you could be losing out on return business!

All these potential issues can be identified with a free system review from Vennersys, worth more than £1,200, which will provide you with a full analysis and report on your attraction processes.

Vennersys can then help improve your operations with one comprehensive, frictionless, and easy-to-use system. From the point at which your guest decides to buy a ticket to the moment they leave your attraction to head home and beyond, VenposCloud will help maximise customer satisfaction.

Five key pain points of visitor attractions and their guests

1. Long queue times across the venue

One of the main fun-killers for any day out is idle time. Queuing for entry to start the day, waiting for food at the onsite café, and queueing in the gift shop are all examples that could take away from the overall experience.

Luckily, our visitor access management software is designed specifically to maximise efficiency on the entry gates, using an innovative QR code technology to admit guests faster and allowing for fewer staff to be stationed there.

Plus, our table ordering and EPoS solutions can help increase efficiency at the source of your secondary income streams, while also helping your staff cope with demand.

2. No way to store and analyse customer data

One of the main problems with attraction management is an inability to store customer data, or inefficiencies when it comes to utilising said data. With the use of a comprehensive CRM, you can learn about your customers and their spending habits to better inform future business decisions.

Plus, using integrated analysis and reporting tools, you can present and digest this data in quick and easy-to-understand ways. This is great for business and strategy meetings, external presentations, and planning.

3. Unreliable servers and connectivity

Some integrated ticketing software requires constant internet connectivity to function as expected. What this means is that a server outage or inconsistency can create large delays to your attraction’s systems.

The Venpos system is a cloud-based ticketing software run in partnership with AWS, the most reliable cloud service provider on the market.

Additionally, each system on the VenposCloud network also works independently from one another. This means that if you are operating in an area with low connectivity, such as in a field or underground, anything you do will be saved locally and automatically updated once a connection is re-established.

4. A lack of return business

Another issue for visitor attractions across all industries is the ability to encourage returning visitors. Many don’t have a structured membership plan in place to reward loyal customers, and most don’t send out marketing materials and emails to past guest.

We offer a specific membership management functionality to help you easily view and configure your customer memberships, and we have more than 900 third-party integrations that can help automate all aspects of your business, including remarketing efforts and email campaigns.

5. No tech support when your questions need answering

One of the main frustrations for a visitor attraction management team is the lack of IT and system support on demand. When you have questions over certain functionalities or a new feature, you need to know about it as soon as possible.

Luckily, the Vennersys support team is available seven days a week, all throughout the entire year. That means you’re never on your own when it comes to figuring out and maximising your usage of the VenposCloud system.

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