5 Industry Trends for Visitor Attraction Management in 2024

5 Industry Trends for Visitor Attraction Management in 2024

December 15, 2023

While the last few years have proven that trying to predict the future is virtually impossible, there are a few ticketing trends that we believe could be key in the visitor attraction industry in 2024.

Those who work in the visitor attraction or events management industry understand that it very rarely stays still for long, with customer demands, technology, and more constantly evolving.

Looking to get ahead of the competition? Read on to find out what to be mindful of heading into the new year!

1. Sustainability and Eco-Sensitive Projects

Consistently at the forefront of innovation and technology, the sustainability of your operations will need to be considered and may even be scrutinised by those outside your business. Encouraging sustainability-focused projects while also working to improve your own operations are not only good signs for the public, but also for potential partners, funding opportunities, and more.

Trying to reduce emissions or waste levels is great for the planet but is also a helpful way to win public favour and send a positive message.

To help your attraction be more environmentally friendly, consider moving away from physical tickets, transferring your servers to the cloud, providing benefits to those who use public transport to travel to your venue, or by reading our blog on reducing plastic waste at your attraction.

2. Offering Truly Unique Experiences

Attraction visitors are now more than ever seeking truly unique and interesting experiences, insights, and exhibitions that they can’t get anywhere else. No matter how small, every attraction has the power to offer something only they can do, so it’s time to work out what that is for you!

Perhaps you have the perfect space on-site to host one-of-a-kind events to promote the local community, or maybe you run a heritage site that provides learnings or information only you can share.

Target these key selling points with your marketing efforts and sell specific ticket types to different guests or for different events all from one easy-to-manage platform.

3. Flexibility for You and Your Guests

Something that is only getting more important is the level of flexibility available to both attraction managers and guests through their attraction ticketing software. Being able to use one attraction management and online ticketing system to take control of all aspects of an attraction is key, but providing your guests with flexibility is just as important.

As an attraction manager, having the ability to upscale your service alongside your business and add or remove certain features as you need them can hep you keep costs down and increase efficiency.

Providing different ticket types, timeslot booking, split billing, donation options, and more to your guests can help improve capacity management, visitor flow, and income levels. Additionally, all VenposCloud functionalities, like membership management, sponsorships, and online ticketing can be accessed by your guests remotely, saving you time on entry.

4. Data-Driven Decision Making and Improvements

It can often be difficult to decide where to expand your offering and who you want to target with certain developments. Should you build a new, multi-purpose building to use for events or exhibitions? A new enclosure for your zoo? A new café or play area on your grounds?

These decisions can be made easier by using data, which is ever-increasing in popularity. Data collection is at the heart of online operations, and how you use it could help shape your business success.

Using the data you’ve collected from your customers, you could see what your main target audience is, their spending habits, and even send out targeted surveys to help you understand what it is your visitors want to see.

You can also use this data to create striking and informative reports that can help inform your future business decisions!

5. Cost Savings

The continued rise in the cost of living, specifically in reference to gas and electricity usage and raw materials, means that attractions and individuals alike are looking to save at every opportunity.

There are a lot of expenses that can add up over time when running an attraction, from staffing to maintenance, administration, and everything in between. Utilising an attraction management and ticketing system that can help reduce your expenditure in these areas could be key in maximising your income.

VenposCloud can help you do all this and more, providing you with an easy-to-use system that can help to streamline your processes. From reducing your staff on entry tills to saving time on administrative tasks and encouraging a higher visitor spend, speak to our expert team to find out what VenposCloud could do for your attraction!

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