Utilising Data with Attraction Ticketing Systems

Utilising Data with Attraction Ticketing Systems

January 8, 2024

The collection and utilisation of data is an increasingly important aspect of attraction management. That’s why our Key Account Manager, Joseph Paul, and the Head of Innovation at Blenheim Palace, David Green, joined the Skip the Queue podcast to discuss data at length.

Skip the Queue is hosted by Kelly Molson, the founder of Rubber Cheese: a specialist visitor attraction marketing and design agency.

Read on to find out what they discussed regarding data, why it’s important, and how VenposCloud can help you use that data more easily.

Blenheim Palace’s Ambitious Data Project

Data collection is a crucial aspect of visitor attraction management, providing you with key insights into your target demographics, their spending habits, your stock levels, and much more.

Typically, data is used to help inform business decisions. It can be used as a guide, pointing you in the direction of the things your attraction may want to develop or expand, which stock is selling best, and where to send marketing materials.

Blenheim Palace worked closely with Vennersys to do this over the course of a partnership spanning 17 years but decided to take on a more ambitious data reporting project utilising AI.

By using the data collected in partnership with Vennersys, Blenheim Palace wanted to predict future trends and business numbers across a huge variety of criteria. To do this, Blenheim needed all their data stored in one place.

From budget calculations to the impact of weather conditions, advanced booking rates, and ticket sales from different platforms, Blenheim Palace worked with us to centralise their data and then use comprehensive reporting tools to help visualise it.

From there, the relevant teams at Blenheim Palace could both utilise AI and manually search for patterns between similar days, allowing for a clearer prediction of what could happen when certain factors line up.

The Role of Vennersys as a Supplier

Since the vast amount of data Vennersys had collected for Blenheim Palace was a key aspect of this new prediction model, we needed to work closely with the team at the Palace to understand exactly what it was they needed.

Since VenposCloud is a dedicated ticketing and EPoS attraction software, it collects data on a huge variety of key areas, and the database we had for Blenheim spanned several years and metrics. This meant not every set of data was strictly relevant to this particular project, and it needed to be cut down.

Next, we needed to upload all important data to the relevant platforms and hubs that they wanted to use before collaborating to recognise the format in which they wanted the data to be presented.

After discussing our options and understanding the resources available to Blenheim Palace, we turned to our PowerBI integration for data visualisation before uploading it to DataHub, a platform which Blenheim already used. We used PowerBI in this way to ensure that the data was already presented in a format that was accessible, easy to understand, and exactly what the Palace needed.

Blenheim Palace even utilises their own financial management solutions using the data collected through the VenposCloud integrated ticketing system.

Find out More in the Skip the Queue Podcast

The Skip the Queue podcast is hosted by Rubber Cheese, a specialist marketing and design agency for visitor attractions. It is centred around providing visitor attraction managers with everything they need to improve the experience for their guests, providing insights and suggestions from industry-leading experts.

To find out the complexities of our partnership and the specifics regarding Blenheim Palace’s data collection and prediction model, listen to the full episode on the Rubber Cheese website!

VenposCloud Could Help Your Attraction Flourish

Whether you are looking to adopt a full, AI-driven data collection and prediction model or you’re simply looking for a way to streamline your attraction processes, VenposCloud can help.

As a leading provider of ticketing solutions, data collection, and EPoS for visitor attractions, we take pride in our ability to help your attraction grow, no matter your needs. Our vast array of system functionalities can be swapped in and out so you only ever pay for what your attraction needs, even if it’s only data collection!

Get in touch to find out what VenposCloud could do for you – call the office on 01908 735 274 or email contact@vennersys.com to speak with a member of our team or book a free demonstration to find out what we’re all about!