How Innovative Ticketing Systems Can Boost Ireland Tourism Potential

How Innovative Ticketing Systems Can Boost Ireland Tourism Potential

June 27, 2023

Ireland is a country which boasts many brilliant attractions and a rich cultural heritage. However, despite this, the tourism industry in Ireland isn’t expected to reach pre-pandemic levels until 2026 at the earliest.

With recovery taking longer than expected, it highlights the importance of prioritising the visitor experience through online ticketing systems and digital innovation now more than ever. This will help your attraction drive increased footfall, revenue and gain a competitive edge.

Read on to find out how your attraction can do just that!

A Better Visitor Experience Boosts Visitor Numbers

When international visitors and tourism levels are low, it is crucial to redouble your efforts at targeting domestic, local visitors, and the positive experiences of those who have already visited are key to this method.

Simply put, improving the customer experience will help stimulate higher visitor numbers in two main ways. Firstly, it makes it more likely that visitors who enjoyed their day will come back, which then allows you to target them with upsells and deals to incentivise spending.

Secondly, satisfied visitors are more likely to leave a positive review on travel websites and map applications, helping attract new customers through recommendations. They are also likely to discuss their experience with close friends and family, and they may even post about their visit on social media to spread awareness even further.

There are Very Few Attractions in Ireland Utilising Innovative Technologies

The lack of widespread technological adoption across the tourism sector in Ireland means that by streamlining and improving the visitor experience, you are taking a significant step ahead of your competition.

If your competition is slow to adapt to certain trends or to adopt key industry technologies, you can make yourself more attractive to potential guests by offering a more innovative experience.

You could improve your marketing efforts, start to target return customers more effectively, and vastly increase the efficiency of the underlying systems to give you an edge over the competition.

But perhaps most importantly, a new system could help you drastically reduce your staff’s administration time, reduce errors in your data and reports, and increase the efficiency of your attraction.

But perhaps most importantly, a new system could help you drastically reduce your staff’s administration time, reduce errors in your data and reports, and increase the efficiency of your attraction.

Change Your Systems While You Have Capacity

While slow tourism levels across Ireland isn’t great news for visitor numbers and revenue, it could provide you with the perfect opportunity to consider an overhaul to your attraction and its management system.

Periods outside of regular peak times (such as the summer, Christmas, and school holidays) could provide the ideal situation to make systemic changes with minimal effects on paying customers.

Upgrading your attraction management could be key in the improvement of your customer experience, especially as these changes may help your staff alongside your guests, and it will also appeal to new international customers when tourism levels pick up again.

Tailor Your New System to the Needs of Your Attraction

With a bespoke attraction management system and integrated features, your attraction will be able to create the perfect tool specifically suited to its needs.

For example, if you operate one of the many thousands of fascinating, charitable heritage sites or museums across Ireland, you may be able to increase revenue streams by integrating with a Gift Aid functionality. This will help ensure that your guests are completing declaration forms and that you get the additional income you deserve.

In addition, integrating with an innovative mobile ticketing system could allow your guests to scan themselves in on entry to reduce wait times and free up staff on the tills, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

With many other features available for visitor attractions, the opportunities are endless!

Claim a Free System Review

We don’t just provide you with the systems you need to excel, we’ll even analyse your existing attraction management processes to see how you could improve!

We’re currently offering a free system review, including a meeting with a specialist Vennersys representative and a fully branded report, to any attractions across Ireland looking to upgrade their processes.

If you are a charitable organisation or heritage site, you may also be entitled to a grant from the national lottery, or consider looking into any available EU funding projects you may be eligible for.

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