Vennersys partners with Simply Postcode to speed up their online user journey

Vennersys partners with Simply Postcode to speed up their online user journey

September 2, 2022

This blog has been written with figures and suggestions from Sam Smith of Simply Postcode in honour of our new working partnership. He provides insight into how the Simply Postcode database can integrate with the VenposCloud system to provide a faster and more reliable user journey at data entry points.

The aim of this partnership is to improve the efficiency of the user journey for visitor attractions, both over the internet when booking and from data collection points. Read on to find out more about how our partnership could help your attraction!

What is Simply Postcode?

Simply Postcode provide companies across the country with an updated UK address database for data collection and retail purposes.

The Simply Postcode UK address database is updated every day in partnership with Royal Mail, meaning that their data is the most up to date on the market.

In fact, Royal Mail make an approximated 20,000 changes to the 31.7 million addresses in their Postcode Address File (PAF) every single day, all of which are immediately synced with Simply Postcode.

These changes are made on a continual bases from council property applications and the feedback from the more than 70,000 postmen and women who are on duty every morning.

What does the partnership mean for VenposCloud?

We have partnered with Simply Postcode to integrate their updated address database into the VenposCloud system. This means that the data collection process for customer addresses at visitor attractions will be far more efficient, as the customer will be able to find their address more easily.

Whether online when booking tickets, in the park giving feedback, or donating via the Gift Aid module, Simply Postcode will be there to streamline the customer data entry process.

When the Simply Postcode software is active on the VenposCloud system, the end user can enter a postcode and select their address from a drop-down list of postal addresses registered at that postcode.

This add-on can speed up the online ticketing journey, reduce abandonment, and remove the pain points when applying for Gift Aid, saving 80% of keystrokes and capturing more accurate address information.

The Simply Postcode data is supplied by two highly available Azure servers, one in Ireland and the other in the Netherlands, to ensure 99.99% uptime. If one server fails, there is always a backup.

A look at the Features:

  • Capturing the most accurate address information possible
  • Data is automatically updated daily
  • Reduction in form abandonment
  • Saving 80% of keystrokes in data entry
  • More efficient booking process, reducing admin time and expenditure
  • Competitive and fully transparent pricing model

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