Attractions: Now is the Time To Plan For Halloween!

Attractions: Now is the Time To Plan For Halloween!

July 24, 2023

Are you planning on hosting special events at your attraction for Halloween this year? Perhaps you’d like to run a pumpkin carving competition or invite guests into a haunted house or scare maze?

It might be the heart of summer, but it’s time to start bringing your Halloween events to life now, otherwise you might fall behind in your preparation. Here are five of our top tips to help your Halloween get off flying start!

1. Be Sure Not to Oversell Your Tickets

One of the most important parts of any event is the careful management of your capacity, knowing how many people you can reasonably admit while still providing a tailored, exciting experience.

Not only does this prevent overcrowding and a reduction in satisfaction from event goers, but it also helps you more easily allocate staff to the places they need to be. For example, if you know it’s a sellout event, you can bring in more staff members for the event ahead of time.

By allocating a set number of tickets for each event, which should be automatically counted and removed from sale by your ticketing systems, you can ensure that every guest gets the best experience possible, and you can run the event as cost-efficiently as possible, too!

2. Implement an Automated Entry Model For Visitors

Help improve the experience and satisfaction of your guests by providing the functionality they need to scan themselves into your event. This technology can often be implemented into your ticketing software directly, utilising QR codes and scanners to control the entry gates and reduce wait times.

The quicker your customers can enter your attraction, the happier they will be. Plus, you will be able to reduce staffing costs by putting fewer people on the tills, and some systems will even collect and display real-time and relevant data on visitor numbers and spend.

3. Keep Track of Visitor Data and Habits During Events

Your special events are an excellent time to gather crucial data on your core audience. No matter the industry you work in, your events can show key insights into visitor behaviour and demographics, and this data can help you more easily plan for future events and inform business decisions.

For example, keeping a close eye on how many tickets you sell for each type of event you run each Halloween will help you decide the theme of your events next year, or for other special events like Christmas and Easter, to maximise visitor numbers.

Additionally, seeing the types of products your guests buy for special events can help inform stock choices for your next event, and could even tell you if you should stock certain limited items year-round.

Lastly, understanding the breakdown of your visitor demographics will also help you target returning customers. You can provide special deals to your customers if they tend to visit as a family, such as children go free, or two-for-one deals on adult tickets if you tend to have couples visit.

4. Integrate All Your Event Management Systems Online

Whether you operate a museum, aquarium, or theme park, your ticket software and other management essentials should be stored online and, if possible, in the cloud to guarantee security and synchronisation.

While useful for the day-to-day running of your attraction, this is especially important for events as this is often when you will be at your most busy. Having a system that automatically updates with crucial information and allows you to access it anywhere will help ensure the smooth running of any event.

Additionally, an online system will help drastically reduce admin time in preparation for your event, allowing you to configure and update events throughout the year ahead of time and automatically relay any changes to your guests.

When used in partnership with membership management functionalities, you will also be able to see how many of the visitors at your events are members of your attraction and offer them special event tickets.

5. Work with Vennersys to Improve Your Attraction Ticketing Software

VenposCloud is the most comprehensive attraction ticketing and event management system on the market. We are specialists in family and entertainment ticketing software, providing attraction management solutions to a huge range of venues across the UK.

One of the main aspects of our system is the events and facilities management module, which facilitates a huge reduction in admin time for you and your staff when hosting special events. Our system allows you to automatically handle all the points we raised and more to ensure every event runs as smoothly as possible.

Plus, our consultative methodology helps you identify and improve areas where you may be struggling with the holiday rush.

Interested in working with Vennersys to guarantee the success of your events? Book a free demonstration to see how VenposCloud works for yourself or reach out to our team at or 01908 735 274.