Why Your Play Centre Needs a New Ticketing and EPoS Solution

Why Your Play Centre Needs a New Ticketing and EPoS Solution

February 28, 2024

Indoor play centres often operate on tight budgets which can result in the use of outdated and clunky ticketing, EPoS, and visitor attraction management systems. While updating crucial aspects of your business like this may seem daunting, the benefits cannot be ignored.

More modern and updated systems could have a transformative effect on the customer experience and profitability of your indoor play centre. This blog will tell you how!

Older Ticketing Systems Struggle to Keep up

If you run an indoor play centre, it is likely that you have a robust, on-site point-of-sale system, allowing customers to pre-book online and have system reliability. However, some systems don’t have an integrated ticketing solution which can duplicate tasks and increase manual administration time, and they may not even provide you with basic functionalities like timed slots, capacity management and tracking visitor data.

Does your play centre use a separate system for ticketing, EPoS, food ordering, and even marketing? Does your system crash in your peak periods? Does it take hours to consolidate important data into reports? Do you find you have a rush period, but the rest of the day can be quiet in comparison?

All of these are problems that can be solved with a modern and integrated attraction management system.

Modern Ticketing and EPoS Systems Can Boost Profitability

A fully integrated cloud-based system can help you keep up to date with what is happening and adapt to the peaks and troughs of your business. A comprehensive, reliable, visitor management system can hugely improve the efficiency of an indoor play centre, allowing for seamless internal operations and excellent customer experiences.

Systems like this are crucial for your staff in their day-to-day tasks and can also help provide a better customer experience by reducing wait times and preventing overcrowding.

By integrating every aspect of your business with one another, you can get real-time updates across all aspects of your business, from stock levels to ticket sales and everything in between, while also being able to create visually striking reports using automatically collected data. This can help you make logical and results-driven business decisions in future.

You can also allow for pre-booking or timed tickets to prevent overcrowding, allow your guests to order food from their tables, or implement visitor access management software that allows your guests to scan themselves into your play centre, reducing wait times.

How We Helped Jack in the Box Revolutionise their Processes

We know a thing or two about play centre management – we’ve previously worked with Jack in the Box, located in East Yorkshire, to improve the customer experience and maximise staff efficiency.

Jack in the Box were looking to upgrade their management system so that it could cope with high demand and provide online ticketing options. Our VenposCloud system fit the bill, so we worked to implement our integrated ticketing system across their attraction.

The streamlined nature of the VenposCloud system meant that Jack in the Box staff found customer service to be much simpler and faster, and they were able to customise it to suit the needs of their play centre.

Additionally, guests were more evenly spread out throughout the day due to the timed ticketing functionality, and they found the new ordering and ticketing processes to be faster and simpler than they used to be. 

See the full case study on our website and watch the video we made with Jack in the Box to see exactly how we helped them!

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