How Can Operators Use Marketing to Maximise Revenue At Their Visitor Attraction?

How Can Operators Use Marketing to Maximise Revenue At Their Visitor Attraction?

January 24, 2022

Utilising the power of marketing can help your attraction increase exposure and reach, which in turn will result in increased ticket sales and overall revenue.

There are many different approaches you can take to see the impact of marketing your attraction, from targeted advertising campaigns to third-party booking integration solutions. Below, we have put together three ways you can use marketing strategies to maximise revenue at your visitor attraction:

Make use of your CRM system

Having a strong CRM system that can carry millions of your customer’s data is essential in creating suitable incentives and obtaining the best results for your visitor attraction. Every customer who books online, buys a membership, books an event, purchases food or donates is automatically added to your contact database.

As they make their way through your attraction, you will be able to track their activity and spending, which allows you to gain a deeper understanding on each individual customer. You can then create and market appropriate incentives, promotions, and rewards.

Your customers online journey

As these new potential customers reach your website, having a smooth and efficient online booking software will attract your new customers from the start. Choosing a software that adapts to your website and will allow for tickets to be bought across many different electronic systems, this will increase revenue as people will be able to access your site from wherever they are.

In their purchasing journey they will also be able to give an additional donation payment option thus increasing your revenue again. Once their online payment is made the information and data will be stored and the process to create their unique marketing journey begins.

Utilising the data

With each of these purchases whether it’s an online ticker purchase, attended an event, or purchased a meal, the data collected after each transaction will be added to their specific database.

You will be able to take full advantage of this data and find out information regarding your attraction, from the best and worst selling foods to which events have the most attendance. With this knowledge you can take the important steps to improving your attraction for example by holdings events that are the most popular and ensuring you are serving the best-selling food throughout your attraction.

Allow third party bookings

Marketing your attraction through third-party bookings and external sites will improve your reach, exposure, and revenue sales at the same time.

We have recently connected with Tourism Exchange GB, which has exposed our partners to a variety of sales channels including online travel agents, as well as local and national destination websites.

Through increasing your attractions exposure when connecting to these extra channels you will also be able to manage your external sales and monitor the data seamlessly. With over 100 reports and business insights including the attractions live availability, bookings, and pricing across the multiple distributors.

How Vennersys can help

Our VenposCloud software offers features that will be able to enhance your online marketing strategy.

Through incorporating these features you will see an increase in your attractions revenue, from general ticket sales to purchases in your events, retail, or food sector. Our partners have seen an 100% increase in their online sales from our leading Tickets & Admission software, with a further 255% increase in donations.

If you’re looking to increase your revenue whilst also improving your customers experience online, talk to our team or request a demo today.

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