How Can VenposCloud Support Business Transformation?

How Can VenposCloud Support Business Transformation?

September 2, 2021

Business transformation can be achieved by implementing fundamental changes to the daily operation of your business, such as the systems and technology used. This includes an effective visitor management system. With the right systems in place, you can easily make crucial changes that will rapidly improve your customer services, increase visitor spend, simplify membership management and increase income.

Our VenposCloud is a tailorable visitor management system, offering a central system from which you can handle all of your business operations, whilst being easy to scale, simple to operate, and designed to remove the common struggles businesses usually face with visitor management systems.

All operations can be handled in one place

Being able to manage everything in one place can help streamline your business operations, minimising the time taken.

VenposCloud offers a central system, as well as supporting integration with other systems, leading to more seamless access. This makes completing tasks, such as processing visitors, way more efficient, reducing the operational costs for your business and improving the customer experience.

We helped our customer, Park Hall Farm, improve their visitor experience and relieve operation pressures by implementing our “one stop shop” system, and adding our event module. This simplified creating and managing events, as our integrated system managed availabilities automatically rather than relying on employees to keep track of this manually.

We also helped them improve their memberships, stock and reporting management – which can all be access under the same system!

Scalable across multiple venues

Our software is designed to support the growth of your business through scalability, providing long-lasting solutions for our customers. As the platform doesn’t require any complex on-site infrastructure, it can support the growth of your business, making it easy to open new locations, adding and removing tills as required – a PC can even be turned into a till in a few minutes!

VenposCloud can easily be used across multiple locations and support each venue’s various departments and is tailorable to the needs of each of your venues by supporting different web styling at each venue.

We have recently worked with Museums & Galleries Edinburgh, a leading Scottish heritage portfolio, with a collection of 13 venues and over 200 monuments across the city of Edinburgh, including the City Art Centre, Lauriston Castle, Museum of Edinburgh and Nelson Monument.

We helped them implement a unified system that could be tailored to the needs of each location. The platform was easy to use, with integrated admissions, retail, stock management, reporting and online donations across their venues, making it simple to implement the system across of sites.

We also offer membership validation across sites, helping to further improve the customer service your members receive by simplifying entry. With everything being managed in one place, you can also easily collect and review data, keeping you updated on which sites your customers with memberships are visiting.

Explore more about how VenposCloud can support easy membership management.

Frequent updates

We ensure that our visitor management system continues to support business transformation, which we showcase through our continual investment and responsiveness to new technological developments. We offer continual updates and upgrades, releasing a new software update every quarter, which are available to our customers for life, at no extra cost!

By offering your business the most up-to-date technology with our VenposCloud, we can ensure that your business is future proof and able to effectively manage customer and business growth in the long term.

Simple to navigate and manage

A key feature of our platform is that it is simple to use to, encouraging reduced admission times and queues, improving staff usability, and reducing operation errors.

The intuitive touch-screen interface on our tills is easy for staff members to use, navigate and learn, with minimal staff training required. This is extremely valuable, especially for businesses that rely on volunteers to support with their missions, as it can prevent impact from quick staff turnovers.

We recently worked with Cardiff Castle to implement a system that improved their admission process. If staff can use the system more effectively, it can help facilitate faster admissions, thereby improving the overall customer experience.

As Llyod Glanville, Front of House Manager at Cardiff Castle, explains:

“VenposCloud has significantly improved our admissions process. Tickets for walk in visitors are processed quickly and easily to help us avoid long queues of visitors waiting to enter the castle.

“The system can be accessed outside of workplace locations, making it easy for your team to stay informed, whilst being encrypted and completely secure, as well as speeding up administration time through its ease of use. The cost of sales and gross profits are easy to access, making managing data and information easy, as well as quickly providing access to information that can help support better business decisions (e.g. where to place funding or focus further investing).


We are an industry leading provider of integrated ticketing and tailored point of sale solutions. With our user friendly and cloud-based software, VenposCloud, we can help you create an omnichannel solution to drive your business transformation.

Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Speak to our expert team by calling 01922 472 044, and we can help you discover the best solution for your business!