How to increase visitor attraction sales by targeting online customers

How to increase visitor attraction sales by targeting online customers

March 8, 2023

A crucial part of modern-day business is targeting and appealing to customers over the internet. This is no secret, and you are likely trying to do exactly that, but how effective are your efforts?

Online outreach and marketing aren’t easy, and you might struggle to keep up with everything you need to do.

Read on to find out how the VenposCloud system can help leverage your online presence to result in more visitors through your door!

Your online presence should utilise a variety of channels

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to expanding your online presence. This means that you need to adapt to the changing needs of your visitors and the industry as a whole when appealing to new customers.

That also means that you might not be able to rely solely on your own social media or communication channels. If you’re looking to expand your potential customer base, you will need to find innovative ways of expanding brand reach.

Luckily, VenposCloud is more than just one of the leading ticketing systems in the UK. Every attraction, from family and entertainment centres to Historic Houses, has ticketing software – why not use this system to help the management of your attraction, too?

All these potential issues can be identified with a free system review from Vennersys, worth more than £1,200, which will provide you with a full analysis and report on your attraction processes.

It can also handle marketing and outreach efforts by utilising its long list of features and more than 900 third-party integrations.

Expand your brand reach through Online Travel Agents

No matter what industry you operate in, increasing guest numbers is likely to be your main goal. With our Online Travel Agents (OTA) module, you can integrate your attraction with several tourism websites, such as or Expedia, to help spread the word about your business in the local area.

Travel agents such as these have evolved beyond package holidays, and now offer individual flights, hotels, car rentals, and attraction tickets to holidaymakers looking for inspiration.

By using the OTA module, anyone looking up activities for holidays or day trips will see and learn about your attraction, potentially persuading them to visit. Since many people will also want to book a holiday entirely on one site, it will also make it more likely that they buy a ticket in the process.

Manage your external sales with our travel trade module

To make sure that you can sell tickets effectively through your third-party distribution channel, you will also want to utilise the travel trade module. With travel trade on VenposCloud, you can set up, manage, and analyse third-party sales more efficiently and comprehensively than ever.

Whether you work alongside travel agents, tour operators, bloggers, or anyone else, the travel trade module will create a unique portal for each organisation so that they can see the various ticket options available for purchase at their discounted rates.

This approach helps you maintain clear communication with your partners while also allowing you to update or change prices without any delay. It also helps you to increase footfall by promoting different deals to different audiences, depending on what they might be looking for.

Utilising our analysis and reporting tools, you can easily visualise and break down the different sales channels to see which partnerships are bearing fruit and which aren’t, which can also help fuel future business decisions.

Manage your ticketing needs online

Our attraction ticketing software is hosted entirely on the cloud, which means it is always syncing. If you make a change to your system or the data stored within, all other devices will immediately update so everyone is always on the same page.

For example: you have a capacity-managed attraction that can only sell a certain number of tickets each day. Using an outdated system, you might have to process each of these tickets manually, which could be even harder to do if you have a working partnership with a third-party retailer.

A mistake or slow response times could result in too many tickets being sold, which leads to further complications and reduced customer satisfaction down the line.

With a system that automatically updates, this is no longer a worry, as VenposCloud takes the sales data from all sources and updates every system accordingly.

Plus, our innovative QR code admissions system helps identify each guest individually and reduces wait times on entry, helping maintain the smooth running of your business.

Get in touch to find out more

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