Public attractions can reopen risk-free with these top tips;

Public attractions can reopen risk-free with these top tips;

March 22, 2021

We’ve partnered with Paymentsense to bring our customers integrated payments – the software to connect your card machines to your Vennersys EPOS. 

This will prove incredibly valuable in the coming months, as public attractions prepare to reopen. See their tips below on how to serve customers risk-free at your business.  

The Google trends don’t lie. The appetite to get back to public attractions is growing every day. Here’s a few ways they can open up safely for customers…

Fish and chips. Bacon and eggs. Pairs that just go together. A bit like our partnership with Paymentsense. We’ve hooked up our EPOS solution with their card machines for an integrated payments experience without the faff. And since the demand for public attractions is growing, it’s come at the perfect time.

Google Trends searches around museums reopening have increased by 300% in the last week alone. The search term ‘when do art galleries open?’ has increased by 40% too.

So with a clear appetite from the public, here’s a rundown of some suggestions to help attractions open up safely and stay COVID-compliant.

Get smarter with selling tickets

It might seem simple, but having the functionality to sell tickets online is a great way to keep queues from building up. It’s time for owners and managers to set up a payment gateway and harness the power of ecommerce technology with online payments. Not only will it help managers keep track of capacity, it also minimises the risk of crowds building on the day of an event or exhibit.

It’s a good idea to set up a virtual terminal for fast phone or pay-by-link payments too. It gives merchants a secure way to take card payments over the phone. Or, if a hefty deposit is needed for bigger parties, a virtual terminal can send a link in an email for customers to securely pay.

In most cases, public attractions save a few tickets for on-the-day walk-ins. So how can you manage crowding in this case? Portable card machines can help manage traffic, allowing staff to work their way down the queues rather than waiting for customers to reach the Vennersys EPOS.

Top-notch table service

A good day out is thirsty work. So public attractions with a food and drink spot should think about how they’re going to minimise risks within that space. Keeping customers sat down with table service is a great way to do that.

Rather than creating queues at the till, managers should utilise Pay At Table technology, which gives staff the ability to take orders and close tabs directly at the table. Integrating a Vennersys EPOS with a Paymentsense card machine means customers can settle up from their seat, split the bill, or even pay as they drink. It’s also a great way for staff to get tipped for some top-notch service too.

Browsing the gift shop

Half the fun of public attractions is browsing the gift shop before you leave. Customers love to look for the perfect gift or token to remember the fun they’ve had. But gift shops aren’t typically known for their spacious layouts, so there’s a risk of crowds or queues forming.

Luckily, this can be avoided with the right equipment. Pay at Counter technology works side by side with an EPOS in more ways than one. With no more manual errors and smooth, speedy integrated payments, staff will be able to serve customers faster while keeping them safe and socially distant.

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