How To Boost Ticket Sales This Festive Season

How To Boost Ticket Sales This Festive Season

October 11, 2021

As we roll into autumn and nights get longer, this month marks the start of the holiday season, with Halloween just a few weeks away, Bonfire Night at the start of November and Christmas around the corner. These seasonal holidays offer a welcome opportunity for visitor attractions to bounce back following the coronavirus pandemic. Below, we’ve outlined some top tips for boosting ticket sales this festive season.

Preparation is key

As with all events, good preparation is the first step to success. Whether your attraction or venue is hosting festive-themed events or whether you’re looking to boost footfall over the festive period, it’s important to prepare as far advance in as possible in order to give you enough time to drum up interest.

This could involve getting your marketing materials and key parts of the events locked down as soon as you can, so you can spend more time promoting and selling tickets. Not only this, but you’ll want your ticketing system up as early as possible, giving visitors the chance to book their place to avoid missing out. If you’ve got an automated ticket system, it will allow you to spend more time promoting your event without having to spend excessive amounts of time on admin.

Ensure you’re promoting effectively

There’s no use hosting festive events without promoting them! To promote your events effectively, you’ll need to consider where your audience are and how they’d like to be reached – for example, you might need to promote your event through both digital and traditional marketing methods.

You can also help boost ticket sales through emphasising the exclusivity of your event, for example using tiered or additional VIP ticket packages to add on benefits like early access or extra goodies like wine or meet and greets during your event. With automated ticketing software, membership management is also made easier, meaning you can more effectively track repeat customers and reward them with extra benefits.

Invest in a robust ticketing system

Not only will preparing in advance and a solid marketing strategy help boost footfall for your festive events, but investing in a cloud-based ticketing system can also help everything run more smoothly.

A key feature of cloud-based ticketing software such as VenposCloud is that it’s simple to use and navigate. This will help save time on admin, giving you more freedom to concentrate on promoting your event. Not only is the attraction booking software easy to use, but it also encourages reduced admission times and queues, allowing for a better visitor experience which you can emphasise during the next festive season.

How Vennersys Can Help

We are an industry-leading provider of integrated, cloud-based ticketing solutions and attraction booking software. With our innovative VenposCloud platform, we can help you create a streamlined and intelligent solution to help drive ticket sales and improve visitor experience.

If you’re looking to help boost ticket sales this festive season, speak to our expert team by calling 01922 472 044, and we can help you discover the best solution for your business.