How important is visitor management following the coronavirus pandemic?

How important is visitor management following the coronavirus pandemic?

August 14, 2020

As technology continues to move forward, and with guidance from the government following the lockdown, more and more attractions across the country are installing visitor management software. This type of ticketing system supports the health and wellbeing of your customers by managing venue capacity and ticket sales, offering online bookings and easy membership management.

What are the benefits of visitor management software following the coronavirus pandemic?

Increased organisation

One of the biggest benefits of installing this type of management system is the increased level of organisation that comes from it. You can set limits to sales, review your busiest times and analyse customer behaviour and spending.

The government has recently offered advice on different visitor attraction’s capacity, and with visit management software in place, you can review your capacity regularly with realtime information. This allows you to ensure that you are supporting the health of your customers and reducing the risk of transmission within your establishment.

Detailed sales and admission reports are available, which streamlines the organisation and analysis of ticket sales, making it easier than ever to optimise and organise your venue for future events.

Accurate and detailed information

With automated software and with increased organisation, visitor management through ticket management software allows your establishment to keep track of real-time information, pull of reports and gain detailed insights into your customers and their behaviour. You can integrate your online ticket sales with your in-person sales, and rest assured that the information you gather is accurate and detailed.

This is also vital following the coronavirus pandemic. This detailed information combined with easy membership management means that it is easier to see who entered your venue and on what date, allowing you to track customers should you need to contact them following risk of transmission or a localised outbreak of the virus.

Quick and easy to use

Whether your policy states customers should book online or whether you are accepting walk-ins, ticket and visitor management software makes ticket sales quick and easy. Customers will only need to wait a couple of minutes to receive their e-ticket in their inbox or to print a ticket at your admissions stand.

This helps you to support the health and wellbeing of your customers as they can quickly and efficiently enter your venue without queuing for long periods of time. In doing so, you can reduce queue-time and the number of people waiting to enter your establishment.


Technology has been a vital part of almost everybody’s behaviour during the government’s lockdown, with people having to stay in touch with loved ones through Zoom quizzes and FaceTime calls. Now, as lockdown eases, it makes sense to invest in modern technology to revolutionise your business’s operation to support the health of your customers and staff.

At Vennersys, we have been supporting businesses and venues across the country by providing integrated ticketing and visitor management software. Our VenposCloud is an all-in-one system, and our VenposCRM facilitates detailed capture of visitor information. By processing admissions & memberships, you can rest assured with reduced queues and an improved customer experience, while continuing to support the health and safety of your customers.

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