Why is Data Important to the Visitor Attraction Industry?

Why is Data Important to the Visitor Attraction Industry?

December 23, 2021

VisitEngland’s Annual Visitor Attractions Survey for 2020 showed the severe impact on visitor attractions from the COVID-19 pandemic, with a 65% drop in visitors compared to 2019. Fortunately however, although 2021 began in a lockdown, the freedoms of summer did result in an increased demand from the public for visitor attractions.

As we enter 2022, and with the current rise in Omicron cases in the UK, it’s important for visitor attractions to stay prepared and start planning ahead. As part of this, you should consider utilising data to make strategic decisions to make up for any financial losses experienced.

What is data used for?

Already well established in the retail and sports industries, data analysis is increasingly being used in the attractions industry. This is because data analytics allows attraction operators to review trends to make informed business decisions and run effective marketing campaigns, resulting in increased income and improved customer experience.

Review trends to make informed business decisions

By tracking customer interactions, from purchase to buying behaviours and communication, you can identify spending patterns and trends from your data. This will allow you to make informed business decisions such as how many employees to have on shift, which stock you should order more of and what events you should continue running.

Run effective marketing campaigns

This data can also help you develop more efficient, better targeted, and more cost-effective marketing campaigns. The data can be used to dissect customer experiences and spending habits, so that your attraction can target certain demographics or promote certain aspects of your attraction in marketing campaigns.

With integrated features connected to your visitor attraction software, your attraction can even connect to marketing tools such as Campaign Monitor to expand your marketing, helping you increase exposure and encourage higher sales.

Improve the customer experience

Data can also be a valuable tool when it comes to improving the customer experience, as it can be used to help visitor attractions manage their memberships, enabling attractions to distribute discounts, exclusive invitations, gifts and fast track entry automatically.

You gain insights from the data, including which areas of your attraction customers spend the most time in, or if there are particular products that customers buy or events that people visit. This insight can be used to nurture loyalty and encourage more spend by distributing personalised promotions, making your customers feel appreciated by your attraction.

How can Vennersys help?

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