How Attraction Ticketing Software Can Recoup Lost Funds

How Attraction Ticketing Software Can Recoup Lost Funds

January 15, 2021

2020 was an especially difficult year for people, businesses and entire industries due to the coronavirus pandemic. The visitor attraction sector, for example, was hit especially hard.

On January 4th, the government enforced the third national lockdown. Although important, this lockdown means that people should only be leaving their home for essential reasons, causing all visitor attractions to close their doors yet again. For this reason, these establishments see their business’s financial goals for the year start off on the back foot.

It is therefore important for venue owners to consider their options, review what financial support is available to them and update their existing attraction booking software. Below, we have listed three key questions to deliberate over the January period.

What financial support is available to you?

Since the first lockdown, the government has provided a range of financial support to businesses across the UK.

On the 5th January, the Chancellor announced that businesses in retail, hospitality and leisure sectors are to receive a one-off grant worth up to £9000. Not only this, but a £594 million discretionary fund will also be made available to support other impacted businesses.

To ensure your visitor attraction is prepared for reopening, it’s essential to review what financial support is available to you. You can do so on the government’s website – find out more on financial support for businesses during coronavirus.

How are you planning for the future?

With most countries having travel restrictions, many Britons have been holidaying at home, a trend that experts believe is likely to continue. The holiday booking website, Kayak, found that over 2020, UK travellers turned to domestic travel with staycations and days out likely to remain popular for a while until travellers feel confident enough to travel abroad.

The last year has been trying to say the least, and with UK citizens remaining positive and looking to the future, use this time to remain in contact with your customers and show them what they can expect the moment you re-open your doors.

Do you have an online calendar for visitors to book in advance? Although it can be difficult to prepare for the future as we go through unprecedented times, allowing customers to book with free cancellation allows you to take bookings and ensure money remains entering your business.

You may also want to consider offering gift cards or gift vouchers that can be exchanged for entrance to your establishment. These make for perfect gifts for birthdays and allow your customers to have something to look forward to during these difficult times.

What are you planning on changing?

Does your current ticketing system and attraction booking software have the right features to ensure optimum revenue? If not, it may be beneficial to consider a new system that encourages customers to convert, while increasing profits.

At Vennersys, our VenposCloud comes equipped with various tools that have been designed to do just that. For example, the system allows you to offer advance tickets to increase the likelihood of sold out events.

Our system also provides a multitude of ticket options including timed and capacity limited ticketing, which can boost your income. The upsell feature also allows you to create customised offers. There is also the opportunity to tie your ticketing system in with your catering facilities while offering extras such as branded merchandise.

You can also gain insights from the data, which can be used to nurture loyalty and encourage customers to spend more by distributing personalised promotions.

If you’re interested in maximising revenue and planning for the future, please call our expert team on 01922 472044 or email to see what we can do for you.