A day in the life of a Remote Support Analyst

A day in the life of a Remote Support Analyst

February 19, 2021

What is your role within Support?

My job as remote support analyst involves helping customers and solving their problems which come in via phone and email. It is a role I’m fitting into more and more everyday and the rest of the team are always on hand to help if I need it.

How was the process interviewing and joining Vennersys?

The process of starting at Vennersys was not what I’m used to. Due to the pandemic the interviews were handled via a video call and although there was one visit to the office to collect a few things It was straight away working from home.

How are you settling in?

At first, I thought this would be a bit strange, I was worried about the level of training I could receive and how much involvement would be possible. With this said, the team were very welcoming and have been amazing in terms of making me feel like part of the team via calls, emails and team messages.

You touched on training there, what’s that been like?

The training provided was excellent. This was done via screen sharing, remote access software and group calls and for the most part couldn’t have been done any better in person.

How do you feel ‘virtual’ Jason is fitting in?

Although never meeting any of the team in person (except Josh), I feel I’m getting to know them more and more every day as we collaborate with different work put our way.