Is your Website Facilitating Online Ticket Sales?

Is your Website Facilitating Online Ticket Sales?

October 16, 2020

Now more than ever, having a well-functioning website that provides a good user experience is extremely important. Due to the post-pandemic rules, Visitor Attractions are now offering Advance Admission tickets online so they can ensure social distancing is being practiced in their venue. This has led to a change in customer behaviour. Customers must now plan their visit to a Visitor Attraction by pre-booking their ticket online and acquiring the information they need from that attraction’s website. In these new ever-changing times, your website really is your shop window!

Therefore, it is very important that you remove any barriers to booking an online ticket. Statistics show that users will abandon a website if they cannot complete task in 3 mouse clicks. Ideally the online booking journey should be smooth and speedy. Firstly, ensure that your buy button is easily identifiable. Use a different colour for your button so it stands out and place it in the top right corner of your website as that’s where users expect the button to be. Ensure that your different types of tickets and packages are communicated clearly. It should be easy for a customer to access your website and then purchase a ticket. Providing alternative payment methods like PayPal will increase convenience for your customer and potentially drive sales.

Facilitating online ticket sales should not be the only goal of your attraction’s website. Your website is a brilliant platform for encouraging upsells. Research shows people like to spend money when already paying for something. So when a customer is buying a ticket, you can offer add on purchases such as a tour book or discounted accommodation. You could get customers to pay for parking in advance so they are then committed to attending. In addition, you can promote gift vouchers and experiences here. Zoos, Aquariums and Farms can promote their Animal Adoptions and Animal Experiences like feeding the lions.

There are other digital assets in your arsenal that you could use. You can use your social media platforms and email marketing to engage with customers. Once a customer has attended, you can send them a notification to rate and review their experience. Also you can encourage them to share their pictures on your social media platforms. User generated content is great for visitor attractions as they tend to be more authentic and convey the visitor experience well. Furthermore, you can communicate all your key messages on social media. So, you can promote that you have to buy tickets online and advertise your new health and safety measures.

Having a robust Website and Digital Marketing Strategy will help you immensely. Our Ticketing and EPOS system can work in conjunction with your website to offer Advanced and Timed Ticketing at your Attraction. Please click here to find out more.