Why Your Council Needs Attraction Management Solutions

Why Your Council Needs Attraction Management Solutions

August 23, 2023

City and county councils across the UK operate a countless number of visitor and tourist attractions, such as museums and heritage sites, to help boost the local economy and to show off their local region.

However, the day-to-day operation of these attractions, especially with multiple sites to manage every single day, can be difficult to manage when they have other duties to attend to.

As such, if your council operates any kind of attraction, large or small, we think it’s crucial to implement an attraction management system – read on to find out why!

Council’s Resources Are Stretched

A council’s attention needs to be split across every aspect of the area they are governing, from functions such as social care, schools, housing and planning and waste collection. That means it is often hard to put their full focus into the management of any attractions under their control.

While an on-site management team can handle most critical decisions, there are always smaller tasks that get in the way. Administrative duties and manual processes often take a lot of focus away from improving the attraction experience and focusing on key business decisions.

They can take up hours of your staff’s time and human error could even cause an even greater headache down the line, especially when financial data is involved. When your attraction operates as part of a wider council, this can cause significant issues, which is why you may want to consider an attraction management solution.

Council Attraction Management Software Can Hugely Increase Efficiency

Vennersys are hugely experienced in meeting the complex demands of local councils across the UK. Our attraction management system could help drastically reduce the time spent on administrative duties for both the management team and employees.

It could even increase the accuracy and insight of any data input or reporting you handle. These tools will prevent one of your staff members manually adding in data and can automatically generate useful reports to help inform future business decisions.

This helps ensure that any customer or sales data you have on record is correct and can be used to accurately inform the most popular gift shop items, ticket types, or events.

Plus, by integrating a ticketing and admissions system with your local council software, you can allow your guests to scan themselves into your attraction (or events) using QR-code technology. This allows you to station fewer staff members at your entry points, freeing up the other team members to focus on providing the best customer experience possible.

That same ticketing software could then be used to help your customers pre-book their tickets to help you take control of your capacity management, or to offer timed-ticketing for limited-space events, shows, or demonstrations.

Your Council Software Can be Tailored to Your Attractions

The software you choose to use should be able to adapt to the needs of your council. That’s why an all-in-one, easily scalable, and modular attraction management solution, such as VenposCloud, is critical.

It allows you to pick and implement only the services that matter most to your attractions, meaning that a museum and a zoo that are both under your control could have the same system with completely different functionalities. For example:

Your Next Steps

Claim your free system review (usually worth more than £1,200) to find out how you could save on costs and improve your customer experience and book a free demonstration of VenposCloud to see exactly how our council booking software could work for you, with specific examples tailored to your council’s attractions.

Get in touch with our team today and ask about VenposCloud and our EPoS solutions. Call the office on 01908 735 264 or email contact@vennersys.com to find out more!