Is It Time To Take Your Attraction Digital?

Is It Time To Take Your Attraction Digital?

February 28, 2022

Offer your customers and employees a seamless experience with one reliable and efficient solution. After reading the latest The Digital That Delivers Programme, there has never been a better time to review your existing systems to ensure they are still meeting your requirements!

Opting in for the right software can increase online sales by 100%, increase online donations by 255%, allow you to hold 5million CRM records and increase your total revenue by 80% (all whilst reducing administration time by 50%)!

Choose effective online ticking software

Finding an all-in-one seamless e-commerce solution that gives you the options to sell tickets, timed tickets, merchandise, and capacity-limited experiences without you having to manually confirm every transaction is both cost and time-effective. This type of ticketing software allows tickets to be bought 24/7, 365 days a year and maximises the opportunity for sales whilst reducing daily queues at your attraction and increasing the customer experience.

With each online purchase, your customer’s unique online journey begins and their data is stored in a database. From then on, any cashless payment made by your visitors at your attraction will be stored, capturing essential data that will be stored onto a powerful CRM which can then be used to create incentives to entice your customer to return later on.  

Take control of your events

Incorporating a versatile events management feature into your attraction will alleviate potential problems such as over/under staffing each event to reducing queues. With efficient software, both you and your employees will be able to view and prepare for all upcoming events in ways such as managing your employee’s rotas.

Regardless of whether you have a one-off event or multiple events throughout the year, by using an integrated system that adapts to each event whether they are capacity limited, group bookings or special events, you will be able to work in real-time to ensure your event is running as smoothly as possible.

Our system offers a box office solution feature, which allows for your event tickets to be sold online, over the phone, or at your admission station at your venue. This solution will reduce your queues and reduce the risk of losing their tickets being lost.

Utilise your CRM database

Having a CRM database that stores over 5 million records will enable you to create personalised incentives to entice previous visitors to return, whilst also allowing you use this new information to improve your attraction.

You will be able to improve your attraction by finding out the best-selling food and drinks, as well as the most popular events. By using this knowledge you can ensure you’re stocking the leading foods and holding more of the popular events whilst also creating tailored marketing campaigns for your previous customers.

Take your attraction to new heights

Whilst you’re at it why not incorporate an integration bridge into your software? Take your attraction to new heights by reaching a wider audience and increasing your customer return rate. Through connecting with third-party tools such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and, you can create effective e-marketing campaigns.

We have also connected with Tourism Exchange GB which has exposed our partners to many sales channels of that which include travel agents, as well as local and destination websites. These connections will also allow you to manage and monitor the sales and data collected and track results efficiently.

Choosing Vennersys                            

Will you be joining the many other attractions around the world that are going digital?

Whether you’re looking to include one of our many features mentioned above or you would like to learn more about what other services we offer, we will support you throughout the journey, offering training for you and all your employees.

Ready to take your attraction to the next level?

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