Why your attraction should implement membership management software

Why your attraction should implement membership management software

November 21, 2022

Visitor attractions survive and thrive on visitor numbers. Busy periods, especially around public or school holidays like Christmas, could be the main difference between a good and poor year. At times like these, it’s key to not only attract new customers through the door but returning ones too.

That’s exactly why membership and CRM software is crucial to your attraction. It can help you with online membership management and the storage of existing customer data – but why is this important? Read on to find out!

Returning customers are just as important as new ones

For any visitor attraction, getting returning visitors through the door is just as important as new ones. Returning visitors already know that they enjoy your attraction and are more likely to purchase items from secondary points of sale, such as a gift shop or café.

This is especially true for returning customers who purchase or are gifted, memberships to your attraction. If you offer membership schemes of any kind, such as unlimited entry for a year, fast passes, and more, you will want the people who purchase them to come back again and again.

Luckily, we’re here to help you entice your existing customers back into your attraction. Our integrated visitor management system, VenposCloud, operates both a membership management and CRM module, which can help you store and use useful customer information.

Membership management helps your customers and staff

Our membership management module is designed to maximise returning visitors for attractions of any size, allowing you to manage up to 2.5 million memberships at once.

One of the main reasons why visitors are reluctant to become members of a visitor attraction is the time-consuming nature of the forms they often need to fill out. However, VenposCloud’s membership platform removes the complexity of the process, making it quick and easy for visitors to register, upgrade, or renew memberships.

This reduction in admin time not only prompts more visitors to consider memberships but also speeds up entry processes and helps free up your staff to complete other tasks.

Plus, the membership management module helps to record data relating to the transactions and spending patterns of your members. This data is then stored in a membership CRM which, when twinned with the CRM module, can then help you run better targeted and cost-effective marketing campaigns.

A CRM helps you better understand your consumers

A CRM is essentially a database of customers with which you can build a relationship to increase revenue and returns. Your CRM will have a mix of people who have only visited once, those who are members, those who have donated, and more. 

An optimised CRM such as ours will help you target specific members of your audience with promotions or offers, possibly to celebrate their birthday or to encourage a return visit if they haven’t been to your attraction for a while.

This is especially useful for those who have memberships to your venue, as they will be the most likely to want to return for a visit. Since the CRM also stores the spending data of your audience, you can tailor your marketing materials to specific groups with discounts and offers to help prompt a return.

Our CRM has a proven success rate of 5 million transaction processes, but if you already have a CRM you are happy with, VenposCloud can freely integrate with it without necessitating a switch.

Boost memberships for your attraction today

If you’re interested in finding out more about our integrated visitor management systems or would like to book a no obligation demonstration with one of our team, get in touch!

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